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Liberated Legacy

Welcome to the Liberated Legacy Collective! 

You are part of an exclusive group of people who will get ultra discounted coaching until the end of June 2024! 

Why? Because you volunteered to help me get my full coaching certification, and now I want to continue to help you! It's also my desire to coach as many different people as I can while I'm becoming an amazing coach! 

Please do not share this page with anyone. 

What is Somatic Coaching?

What can change in your life if you take Somatic Coaching?

You can go from struggling with your patters to understanding, accepting, and integrating them! This is powerful, transformational work! 

Feeling like you just can't get the pleasure and love you desire? I can help you uncover the pieces that block your pleasure, so that you can live an abundantly pleasurable life. This will magnetize you to what you truly deserve! 

Feeling like you are stuck in a repeating relationship pattern over and over again? I can help you discover how to befriend that piece, so that you can begin the kind of relationship you've only dreamt about! This will create bliss, love, and overflowing joy in your life! 

Feeling like you don't even know what love is really about? Let alone how to find it! I can help you uncover the unintegrated pieces of yourself that told you love wasn't something for you so that you can find the love that's always been waiting for you! This will lead you to a whole new kind of amazing life! 

Sex, Love, and Relationship Somatic Coaching can help you do all these things and so much more! Book today! 

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