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From Baggage to Bliss

transformational coaching

I'm unafraid of change. I've embraced the discomfort of change because the agony of staying the same is worse! My whole life has kind of been change though. I moved 28 times by the time I was 25. I was once monogamous and in a long-term relationship like that for 8 years. I used to eat eggs, meat and cheese every single day, never even accidentally eating vegan. I changed my title this year to Neo Tantra teacher after doing some deep soul searching for the answer (something I doubt many people would consider doing). So, it makes sense that I changed my business name as my business evolved as well! From Make Space for Infinity to Lona Teaches Bliss! Here's why, plus a little background about my own journey in sex, love, and relationships.

I think the most important reason I'm changing my name is that I wanted it to be a little shorter and easier to find. I love the meaning and the purpose behind Make Space for Infinity but typing it out all the time felt excessive. Even telling it to people always felt like a mouthful! I wanted something short, sweet, and to the point!

I also wanted a name that relayed what I did. Make Space for Infinity doesn't give you any idea what I actually do or help you with! It's catchy, but not informative! Lona Teaches Bliss gives you at least a little understanding of what I might do. I teach and it's clearly something about bliss. I think bliss is somewhat misunderstood in society, but I think it gets the general feeling across!

Another reason for the name change is that I wanted my brand to really reflect me. I'm what you get when you come to the public or private workshops and coaching. It's all me and my knowledge and delivery. I'm the product. So, why not have me be the center of attention in the branding as well! It just makes sense. I also have an incredibly unique name, and I thought what better schtick than my weird ass name!

But the new name is also a representation of my own journey from baggage to bliss. Let me tell you, there used to be an overflowing pile of baggage that I brought to relationships. With my current partner, I wouldn't even suck his cock until I trusted him months into the relationship. There were rules and warnings and I had to wait extra-long until I could be vulnerable with people. I was triggered easily with men, and I always felt like I had to explain myself to them before we had sex so I wouldn't scare them. I had unknown patterns of self-destruction just waiting to destroy relationships. I had conditioning that made me not trust men, so men had to work extra hard to gain my trust. Sometimes I would explode in anger for no reason and not understand why. I was a self-identified handful. And kinda proud of it, too. Like not just any man can just be with this mess! He's gotta fight for it! With women I didn't have as much baggage, but all the conditioning and patterns were still there.

Then I finally went to therapy when I was 27 after my friend/ex-girlfriend killed herself. That was the final straw that helped me realize I had some shit to work on and I needed help. It took years of therapy to feel like I understood what had happened to me and that I probably wasn't crazy. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, which is when multiple traumatic events happen close together. But even with a diagnosis and weekly therapy appointments, it didn't get that much better. I was just more aware of it, which was helpful, but not healing.

Then I discovered witchcraft, which lead to Tantra, which lead to somatic psychology. Tantric practices helped me get back into my disconnected body and find real pleasure and joy in life. I joined the VITA coaching program, and the first trimester was all Tantric and somatic practices for self-development! The second trimester we learned to become coaches, and I was coached myself for over 20 hours by 20 different coaches. Now I'm being coached by a single coach for 10 straight sessions! This shit is wild!

Through every step I took I started to open myself up to what was possible in life. I realized that I didn't have to live that other way, that a new path was available if I kept working. And now I can say that my life is filled with overflowing bliss! I don't bring nearly as much baggage into relationships. And what I do bring is peace, joy, love, and relaxed pleasure! My heroine's journey on this path has taken me from baggage to bliss!

And you can have it, too! If you feel like you're stuck in therapy and no matter what you try you can't get past your conditioning and engrained patterns, then join my coaching and workshops! If you feel like the past pain in your life is holding you back and you want liberation from all of it then reach out! If you can't swing my coaching, then try my private or public workshops! If you're not close enough then read my Instagram and my blog, there's so much transformative information I give away for free! The path is available to you right now! Through combining the powers of Tantric practice and cutting-edge somatic psychology you can discover who you are beyond that past pain. You can be someone who brings bliss into your relationships instead of unmanageable baggage!

Email me and let me know you want to join my coaching programs and I'll give you a complimentary 30 minute Bliss Blueprint Discovery Call where you'll share your desires around sex, love, and relationships with me and I'll give you the blueprint to how my coaching can take you from baggage to bliss. There's even a gift in it for you even if you don't sign up for the coaching! Let's make 2024 the year you find your bliss!

INSPIRED ACTION: Take stock of what baggage you've been brining into your relationships. What is really piling up there? List them out so you can see them in real life. And ask yourself if you're ready to take the next big step into your healing journey!

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