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Limiting the Universe Through Language

There's something so peculiar about language. It has the capacity to expand our perspective in brilliant new ways. While at the same time has the power to limit our potential and understanding of everything. The way you speak every day can affect how the universe sees you and how you feel about yourself. I've been exploring language and it's impacts on my life for years now. Through marketing for years, through managing a large business, through Witchcraft, and Tantra. The way we use words affects outcomes.

I'm particularly interested in duality here. Duality being the extreme polarities that our brain creates to make quick sense of this world. This dimension is literally built on duality. Good/bad, positive/negative, success/failure. And our brains needed an easy and fast way to distinguish dangerous situations from safe ones. So, it created these dualities. A duality is like a sliding scale with one pole being the opposite of the other. But they are still the same pole. For example, outcomes could be the pole and success is on one side and failure on the other. They are all just outcomes and each can change in degree and depth based on the circumstances, timing, and perspective involved. This is why they are not very meaningful. Yes, they describe things, but not in a way that we can derive much value from.

The same circumstance can be seen as a success or failure depending on your outlook, the time since the event, and what happens next. A lot of people probably had thought they failed at something, until a few months or years later they realized that it was actually a huge success! The everchanging nature of life is why these descriptions are so meaningless. So, you may be thinking, "ok, they're meaningless, so what?". Great thought! So what?! Well, language is not just some random words put together. It's a complex way that we speak to our own brains and the universe.

Why do they call them spells? Because our words matter! A witch knows that everything she says can be a spell to the universe. Sure, we can do really elaborate things to make sure the universe is listening, but the universe can be listening whenever. A witch learns that thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become your destiny. Let's use good and bad to see how that can have different outcomes.

Good and bad are probably the two most popular dualities. People hardly even realize that they are meaningless because they seem to have unlimited meaning! This coffee is good. That outfit is bad. My partner is good. Bad dog! We use these words without even a second thought, and they are fillers for so many other words. This is limiting you from getting what you want!

If the universe is actually matching your vibration, then good and bad are throwing it off. Let's say you want to manifest something so you say, "I desire a good partner for me". The universe doesn't know what good is because that's not a vibration, it's a polarity. Then a few hours later you look at the weather and the trees and say, "this is a good day". Now you've given the universe more information. This is what good means to you; warmth, smiles, relaxation. Then it could bring you a puppy. This is a great partner for you if those are your definition of good. But then the next day you say this burger is good! More information for the universe (if it's still paying attention). Juicy impossible meat, melted vegan cheese, lots of toppings. Now this contradicts your last definition of good. What is the universe supposed to bring you now? By using dual language you are limiting how the universe can bring you its gifts.

The opposite side of this is no better. You could ask the universe to take away bad things in your life. Again, this is not a vibration. The universe doesn't know what to do with this language. At best it can look at what else you call bad. Yesterday, you stubbed your toe and told all your coworkers that this was such a bad morning because of it. Maybe the universe answers you with less stubbed toes. You will likely hardly even notice this outcome. You have just limited the ability of the universe with dual language.

Limitations are not ideal for the universe. The universe can work its magnificent power in ways you can't even imagine. By making these huge limitations your outcome will differ. Maybe there was an incredible partner about to cross paths with you, but you went and asked for a nice day as a partner and this evaporated. My invitation to you is to get more specific about what you really want. It could be a partner that loves you unconditionally for who you are. There aren't any dualities in that one. It's straightforward, specific enough, and non-limiting. Every time you use good or bad or any duality, you are unintentionally placing limits on yourself.

On a less woo woo level, this limiting language can also affect your own perspective and brain. When you continually throw yourself down the extremes of polarity it can be exhausting and cause your mind to disconnect from the meaning of what you say. Picture in the last day how many times you've used good and bad. For most people who don't even consider this they use it many times a day. This morning is bad. This lunch is good. This traffic is bad. This tv show is good. Whiplashing themselves back and forth all day, every day. Think of a seesaw in your mind dipping down into the extremes constantly. Now you've trained your mind to shuffle back and forth. You will never be happy and content if you are always in the extremes. Even if you're in good, you will know that bad is coming or you will become attached to good and resistant to change.

The answer is the middle path. Drop the duality and use meaningful language. This morning was not bad, it was difficult to get out of bed and I ate food on my way to work. This lunch is not good, it was delightful to my tastebuds and made me full but not too full. This traffic is not bad, I am frustrated that it's taking so long to get home. This tv show is not good, the plot is compelling and the acting is stellar. See how much more meaningful info we got for our brains to live in the present with? Walk the middle path to free your mind of the constant seesaw of duality and you could alter your entire perspective.

INSPIRED ACTION: Any time you find yourself using a duality, change it! If you say this coffee is good. Change it to be more meaningful. This coffee is tasty, hot, and filling my need for caffeine. See how that second take is so much more valuable and meaningful. Instead of saying I want to be positive, change it to I want to see things from a perspective that expands my consciousness and is based in love. Change I am successful at my job to I am efficient and capable in my job and this brings me joy. These quick changes can completely alter how you speak to the universe and you'll also find that they advance how you think about yourself.

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Prasenjit Biswas
Prasenjit Biswas
21 mag 2023

Integration through Language of the whole experience of life in ancient times -- and now neglected. A Tantric perspective.

The first letter in Rig Veda and all Sanskrit-origin languages is "Ka".

"Ka" is the root word for all inquiry -- "Kyon?", "Kya?" "Kaisey?", "Kahan?", "Kab?", "Kaun?" ,...

[... all the interrogative pronouns such as why, what, how, where, when, who,...]

Thus language starts with a Question. It becomes the foundation of thought itself and lays the best known structure for a System of Seeking.

The "Kavi" enquired about "Ka". He was the original Seeker. (Note this is today flattened to the same level as the modern poet who composes fleeting impressionistic verses, but that was not its intended complete meaning)

Mi piace
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