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Making space for my infinity

My whole life seemed to be bulging full of things! Packed to the edge with every thought, action, thing, and person I could fit. My mind raced through every topic at top speeds, then settled on one to really dig to the end of what future or past I could loop endlessly. I was full.

I couldn't meditate (not for lack of trying). I couldn't sit alone for 5 minutes without looping on some topic or the next. I busied myself with everything from work, to sex, to friends, to music, to homeownership just to keep my mind from taking over. Then I saw a phrase "invite infinity into your mind". And my first thought was, there just isn't room! That's when a lightbulb went off. I needed to make space if I wanted to be free to live in my higher self.

This task was not a small one. I spent my early childhood and teens doing everything I could to escape the truths that were in my mind. The truths were fighting to come out, but I wasn't ready to hear them so I continued on distracting myself. I knew one day I would have to listen. Listen and not judge. Listen and not fear. Listen and not run.

So I decided I would learn how to #makespaceforinfinity. Therapy ended up being my first stop and I was lucky enough to find an incredible lady who guided me through meditations, taught me that journaling was how to get thoughts out of my mind for good, and encouraged me to meditate everyday. I'm so thankful she is who I found. Not every psychologist is a perfect fit, don't be afraid to leave one and try another until you find that magical connection.

Along my journey into meditating daily, I found #witchcraft through a close friend. I had never given it a chance and thought it was some kind of trick. But I decided to read more, and found that becoming a #witch was a natural path to enlightenment. A natural path to infinity! It is vital for a witch to address and incorporate her shadow side, re-program what society has taught her, and quickly achieve a meditative state. It felt as if witchcraft were the perfect compliment to my journey. I began training to become a witch immediately.

As I studied and worked, I became even more attracted to meditating daily, to addressing my demons, to working through my shadows, so I could really learn the truth of my life. That's why "truth through inspired action" isn't just a saying for me. I really live it. I go out and take action to remain in my truth. I change. I grow. I expand. Daily.

After I lost my corporate job during the pandemic, I went on a long journey to discover my new path. I very much understood what I didn't want to do, but not exactly what I did want. As I studied my witchcraft, I came across sex magic. This one lead me to pause. I'm a very sexual person, and have great pride in my sex life. But adding magic? Interesting. I jumped down a rabbit hole online and discovered that sex magic is a simpler version of #Tantra.

Tantra is a yogic path to enlightenment and teaches us how to move, transform, and alchemize our life-force energies into something beyond ourselves. There is a well of energy that lives at the base of your spine. We need only intention, desire, and will to move that energy all around our bodies. With this we can achieve ultimate bliss, unending love, and deep connection with our partner(s). You don't have to quest for enlightenment to do Tantra, you only need to quest for something deeper in yourself.

So here I am, on this divine path to my new life. Join me as I learn along the way and share this knowledge with you. I am at the beginning of my journey still, and the journey will likely never end. So I will continue to make space for infinity everyday.

INSPIRED ACTION: Journal about your journey so far. What does making space mean to you? What action can you take today to start making space for the joy and bliss of infinity to join you?

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