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The Surprising Trait Future Leaders Will Have? It's Overflowing Bliss!

Girl in total bliss

I'm staking my whole reputation on this! Bliss is our future, and I'm helping lay that foundation. Think about it... we're going through a shift in the perception of the world. More people are waking up and want something different from their lives, their families, and their leaders. Currently, the landscape in leadership is bleak. Fear, anger, and threats are the primary vehicle of leadership these days. But I know something new is coming, and I actually know it's in bliss. At the end, I give a practice in how to connect with that bliss, so you can lead with it!

So, what makes me think it's bliss? There are some indicators in the world that are pushing us towards the Aquarian Age. No one knows exactly when it will begin, or if it has already, but we can look at some clues. We know it's the next age according to astrology, because it is the next sign. And the Age of Aquarius will be marked by electricity, computers, flight, democracy, humanitarianism, modernization, rebellion, nonconformity, and several others. Do these sound familiar? If we are not in the Aquarian Age yet, we must be close!

I'm somewhat into astrology, and I also understand that nothing lives in a vacuum. Some ancient Tantric texts also hint at a coming age of enlightenment (read: bliss) that enters after this morally bankrupt phase. In Hindu culture, they see everything as cycles. So, when we get too deep into the cycle of moral reprise, the death of that cycle is inevitable, and we emerge at the beginning of the wheel again, in an enlightenment phase. No one knows exactly when, but some claim to have more concrete evidence.

Either way, the future is bright in my eye (I'm blind in the other if you didn't know). Hell, to me it's bright in this present moment, but we'll get to that later! It is said that once just 10% of the population believes in something, really truly believes it, that it is inevitable for the majority of people to believe eventually. This is the tipping point I think we are at.

Tantra has never been more asked about in the West. Sacred Sexuality, and Divine Union are now frequent talking points on the internet. The concept of energy work and healing yourself with your own sexual energy is more understood than ever (Sidenote Seattle: I'm teaching Tantric Healing on February 18th if you want to know this ancient practice!). I can see us moving in that direction at a quickening pace. The internet has helped us spread this word around the globe! And yes, the internet has also spread hatred, racism, homophobia, and much more. But the age of enlightenment doesn't mean EVERYONE is enlightened. It means a majority of people are. There will always be pockets that resist at all costs. I'm not worried about those, as they will seed the inevitable detraction of that phase back into chaos. This we cannot stop no matter what we do.

So, if we are always on this chaotic cycle, how do you live in the now?! How do you find bliss, and how will people lead from it? Some people think we are in a false transition, and that it will get much worse before it gets any better. You alone do not control the cycles, all you control is your reaction. Just because we are in a destructive phase doesn't mean you must become destruction. Just as the seeds of the fall of enlightenment will exist along with enlightenment, the seeds of bliss can exist even in the age of destruction.

It's about making a choice. A choice to be in your body in the now, no matter what happens around you. In the age of enlightenment, it will be easy to do that. But to do it now, in the age of destruction will be a fuck you to everything this cycle stands for, and will push us closer to the next phase. Only concern yourself with your actions, your reactions, and your karma.

Here's a practice to continue to connect with your own bliss, so that maybe you can become the leaders we need who lead from bliss! I call it the Bliss Break, and it can reconnect you to your overflowing bliss anytime. Use this in the middle of your day to power the rest of it with joy, peace, and love! Continually return to this practice so you can start to feel what it's like to live from here.

Find a private space and close your eyes.

Take several elongated exhales. Inhale for 2, exhale for 4.

Awaken the body to the present moment through the sensations. Notice what sounds surround you. Not trying to change or judge or label them. Just notice. Notice what you can feel on your skin. Maybe you feel the surface beneath you, or your clothes, or your hair. Notice the darkness covering your eyes, and maybe a little light coming in. Notice what you can smell. Then notice what you can taste, even if it's subtle.

Now, start to touch your body gently, noticing any sensations that arise. Ideally, touch directly to skin. Focusing your entire attention on those sensations. Even if it's numbness. Trace your hands up your bare arms, and tune in deeply to the sensations. Bliss lives in these sensations. Touch your belly, and your back. Trace your nipples, and breasts if you have them. Touch your legs and feet.

And don't forget your genitals. Spend just as much time here as you would your arms or feet, then keep moving, and coming back here. There is no goal of orgasm, only pleasure. Touch your face, and hair. Then back to your genitals, continuing to notice the sensations. Putting your complete attention in the sensations!

And notice what happens in the rest of your body as you allow this experience to happen. Maybe it starts to relax, maybe it shakes, maybe tingles start to cover your body! There is not right or wrong. Maybe nothing happens. That's welcome, too.

After a few minutes, or whenever this feels complete return to stillness.

Focus your attention at your root chakra. If you have a cock, it's at the perineum, between the testicles and anus. If you have a pussy, it's at the cervix, or the energy of the cervix if you don't have that organ. Keep focusing here. Noticing the sensations, the felt sense here.

Then allow these sensations to start to spread through your body. Do this with just the attention. Following your attention to where you want it to go. If you want it in your feet, send your attention to your feet. If you want it in your head, send your attention there. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Allow yourself to get lost in this sensational experience.

Then whenever it feels complete you can open your eyes again, and take this new energetic imprint with you! Start to tap into it when you go to make choices or do work. Learn to slowly live from this place of bliss!

INSPIRED ACTION: Try the Bliss Break and see if it changes anything. Remember that it sometimes takes multiple attempts to get the hang of it, so give yourself so much grace and acceptance! If you want to become a leader of the next age, then learning how to lead from bliss will be the most important trait!

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(19. 1.)

It worked! I smiled and felt lighter and teared up a little!

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(29. 1.)
Reakce na

Incredible!!! Bliss Break for the win!!! Hehe!

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