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Who are you beyond your past pain?

This is the question that kept me up at night. 

I lived at the whims of my trauma responses & conditioning that made me feel more than broken. I had honestly given up hope of knowing who I truly was.

But there is hope! 

And it's where Tantra meets somatic psychology.

I know where
you're at...

You've probably been to therapy for years, tried plant medicines, reiki, breathwork, self-help books, workshops, retreats, and more to try and break the cycle.

Maybe you've even tried coaching before. 

But no matter what you did, the patterns kept coming back. 


I was afraid
of my body

What might happen if I fully surrendered in bed? Either consciously or unconsciously I wouldn't let myself get too deep. If I stayed on the surface of my feelings I felt safe.

A false sense of security. 

But by blocking the depth, I was also blocking the overflowing bliss, toe-curling pleasure, and preventing myself from becoming an epic lover!

What makes me qualified to help?

I've been walking this path towards my own liberation for years. 

I use an integrated approach to healing combining the powers of Tantric practices (like breath, movement, sound, energy, and mindfulness) with the power of cutting edge somatic psychology to give you whole-life liberation! 

This methodology has transformed my own life beyond any other method I've used. 

I'm trained in the VITA method, a 600-hour certification created by Layla Martin. 

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Get Whole-Life

By going through the lens of sex, love, and relationships we get to the heart of your issues the fastest! Because what you block when you are at your most vulnerable, is what you block in the rest of your life!

So, this isn't just for better sex or relationships, this method can liberate you in all areas of your life. 

You can become an epic lover, an amazing parent, you can excel in your career, become a loving friend, and find peace when you're alone. 

What else can I get?

  • Through this process you'll be able to easefully allow the free flow of bliss through your body. That means you can live life from a blissful state! This is something Tantric Gurus have been guiding people to for centuries!

  • You'll also go from disconnected to your body to fully embodied in this moment, which can help connect you to your authentic truth everyday. 

  • And finally, you'll actually discover who you  are beyond all that past pain and trauma. This knowing is priceless. 


 Here's what clients are saying 



"I never thought I could heal this pattern. And I never imagined it would be so quick! I don't know what magic Lona is cooking up but it's outstanding! Highly recommend her!" 


I've had so much pain in my past. Everyone says "go to therapy", but it only helped a little. I just couldn't get past this pain telling me I wasn't worthy of a new relationship. This coaching worked!


I came to Lona looking for better sex. I left with a better life. This blew me away. 

Stone Steps _ Moss

 Here's what science says 

From Harvard Health

Typical talk therapies such as CBT engage only the mind, not the body, encouraging people to become aware of disturbing thoughts and behavior patterns and work to change them.

But in somatic therapy, the body is the starting point to achieve healing. This form of therapy cultivates an awareness of bodily sensations, and teaches people to feel safe in their bodies while exploring thoughts, emotions, and memories.

From Psychology Today

Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions, somatic therapy helps to release the tension, anger, frustration, and other emotions that remain in a patient’s body from these past negative experiences. The goal is to help free the patient from what is preventing them from fully engaging in their lives.

From Los Angeles Times

“The body is the site through which we experience life, where we take action from,” Hemphill went on. “When we try to circumvent the body by only working through talk or thought, we end up losing out on a lot of information: understanding our reactivity, what we really long for, the opportunity to do things that maybe we haven’t done that would allow us to feel.”

Coaching Packages


What does the coaching process entail?

I sell coaching sessions in packages only. This is not a one session and done style of healing. Most people will take about 10 one-on-one sessions to embody their liberation! You've had these challenges over a lifetime! To fully integrate all

your desires, including your unconscious blocks, it takes time.

See my guarantee at the bottom for no worries! 

Total Liberation Package Square.png

Total Liberation Package

This package was designed to take you easefully into total life liberation!

What's included?

  • Desire Imprinting call to begin the journey

  • Opening Ceremony (workshop style)

  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 2 custom 1.5 hour workshops designed by me based on your unique needs. (think: Tantric Emotional Liberation, Sex Magic, Learning Energy Work, Empowered Self Touch, etc)

  • Closing Ceremony (workshop style) 

That's 15 total sessions with me! 

It can be completed in 4 to 8 months, depending on if you see me once a week or every other. Sessions booked individually by you.

We go at your pace; it can take a whole year if need be.

What will we talk about? 

This is desire-based coaching! So first, we uncover your deepest desires around sex, love, and relationships because what you block when you are most vulnerable is what you block in the rest of your life, too! This leads the journey, and you can change the desire at any time.

Plus, you'll get email support, so each session will be recapped for you to go back to later. And you'll be able to email me between sessions anytime!

Topics we may cover (tailored to you):

  • Transforming the Caregivers to address upbringing

  • Inner Child Safety and Healing so they stop interfering with your bliss

  • Exploration of what sexuality and pleasure was modeled to you, including purity culture, religious conditioning, and lack of sexual education

  • Holistic sexuality practices to easefully connect you to your pleasure

  • Body/Mind Mapping to explore the unconscious blocks

  • Past & Current Relationships and how they affect you

  • Worthiness, Capability, and Safety to get your desires

  • Making Emotions your friends

  • Plus, you'll receive some exclusive audios for home practices!

  • Plus, more!

I've tried coaching before, what makes somatic coaching different?

Somatic means that instead of relying on the mind to break these cycles, we go directly to the source: the body! We work with the sensations of the body, movement in the body, breathing with the body, as well as sounding and energy. This form of coaching is less about tips and tricks, and more about discovering what is consciously and unconsciously blocking you from liberation, then making those pieces your biggest allies! It's totally revolutionary! 

Safety as a Cornerstone to Healing

My coaching starts with safety! If you don't feel safe, you will not heal. It's that simple.

I am trauma-informed and know many somatic ways to bring your nervous system into safety. Plus, I titrate the process so you're never going too deep at once. Counterintuitively, by going slower we get to healing faster! 

So, if you're like me and have a lot of past pain and trauma, then rest assured that I will be there to support you in a safer space, at your pace. 

Ready to start your path to Total Liberation?! 

By the end of this epic process, I know you will have gotten incredible value from this program! This healing is unique in that once you learn these lessons, you can continue to use them on your own for a lifetime of transformation! You are not reliant on me anymore, and you are totally empowered in your journey! That is priceless. 

The exchange for this healing is $5,500 and that includes everything mentioned above. 

Bliss blueprint discovery call square.png

Not sure if you're ready to commit? 

Join me for a Bliss Blueprint Discovery Call!

A complimentary 30-minute call where you'll share your desires and I'll give you your unique blueprint to discovering your bliss through the coaching system! There's no icky sales tactics and no pressure. Plus, there's exclusive discounts and bonuses, and you'll get a free gift just for joining the call. 

Flowing Bliss Package Square.png

Flowing Bliss Package

This package was designed to go straight to the heart of your bliss with ease!

What's included?

  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Exclusive Audio Guides for some solo work

  • Email Support and Coaching Summaries

That's 20 hours of my time! 

For every hour of coaching, it takes me an additional hour of prep, setting the space, and follow up. It can be completed in 3 to 6 months depending on if you see me once a week or every other. We go at your pace. 

This is still desire-based, somatic coaching and we'll still cover the same topics as the Total Liberation Package, we just skip the workshop additions. We cut to the chase in this package! 

Ready to start your path to Flowing Bliss?! 

The value in this package is above and beyond most other coaching packages you'll find out there because this is where Tantra meets somatic psychology. And I haven't found another healing modality that can touch this! 

The exchange for this healing is $3,500 for whole-life liberation!

Bliss blueprint discovery call square.png

Still not sure?

Join me for a Bliss Blueprint Discovery Call!

A complimentary 30-minute call to find out more!

 Plus, those exclusive discounts, bonuses, and a free gift just for joining the call. 


Coaching Guarantee: 

This is a big investment in your future! I know you're thinking "what if it doesn't work out?!?!" Here's my guarantee. If you don't feel you've gotten value from the sessions, or if you feel like you've gotten everything you need before the sessions run out, we can end the package at any time! That means I'll refund you any remaining sessions in the package at any time. 




Why is it so expensive?

 I agree, it's not cheap. That's because this isn't about the price per hour, it's about the overall value of the benefits. If you got everything you desired in your sexuality, love, relationships and life, what would that be worth to you? What have you already spent to get these outcomes? And what do you think you'll continue to spend? The benefits are so great in this coaching that by the end you'll probably think it's underpriced. That's at least what others are saying! Plus there's the coaching guarantee: I'll refund any remaining sessions for any reason.

Why does it take so long? I don't have that kind of time.

Indeed it does take time! This is a commitment for sure. The fastest way through is to do a session a week, so 10 weeks at the earliest. You want time between sessions to integrate the lessons and give your nervous system a break. By going too quickly (like in 10 days) your nervous system will be overloaded! And when the nervous system freaks out, all healing stops. The best path is to take it slowly as fast as you can. The time will pass anyway, but will you be radically healed? Only if you take your time.

I've tried everything, what makes you sure this will work?

I'm so sure, because this methodology has been used on thousands of people across the planet! It takes a fresh, revolutionary perspective on healing by combining the powers of Tantra and somatic psychology. This is one of the most in-depth training systems in the world, taking me over 600 hours to complete in a year. And I've seen the power with my own eyes in my life and in the lives of my clients! But the only way to know is to try. And remember my guarantee: if you don't find value I'll refund any remaining sessions. 

How do you feel about LGBTQ+, ethical non-monogamy, and BIPOG?

All are welcome! I identify as Queer and Polyamorous and work to create spaces that are safer and accepting of all people. Trans and non-binary people are more than welcome in my sessions! And I speak in a way that is poly normative, and doesn't make assumptions. Monogamy is also welcome in my sessions. I honor all choices regarding relationship style. I have also done extensive research on the experience of Black and Indigenous People of the Global Majority, and work to create a safer space for them to feel seen, heard, and understood. I also accept that I am not perfect, so when I do make mistakes, I ask that you bring them to my attention immediately so that I can correct myself, apologize, and move back towards expansion together. 

Bliss blueprint discovery call square.png

Last chance to find your most healing era, yet!

If you're still here, you know deep down that this healing is what you need. Jump on a Bliss Blueprint Discovery Call so I can help soothe your nervous system, answer all your questions, and you can say yes to a chance at total liberation! Plus, discounts, bonuses, and a free gift just for joining the call!

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