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No One Ever Taught You...

No one ever taught you how to love yourself, how to be an epic partner, or how to find bliss throughout your whole body! 

Likely no one ever taught you how to be sensual, how to connect with a partner in a way that feels transformative, or how to move and feel your own energy. 


Until You Met Me

I'm Lona, a Neo Tantra Teacher and Sexual Bliss Coach and I want you to feel like a fucking Goddess/God/Goddex in your life! 

I want you to learn the steps to delicious embodiment, epic relationships, ancient Tantra techniques, and somatic healing, all held in a safer space of exploration and acceptance.

I've taught over 80 workshops in the last 2 years, and am a sex, love, and relationship coach (a 600-hour training) which combines ancient Tantric practices (like breath, movement, sound, energy, and pleasure) with cutting edge somatic psychology to bring you whole-life liberation through your sexuality! 


 I've created countless workshops and realized that each person would benefit from a more individualized approach! 

So, what if I had a session of transformative coaching that will then help me build a custom Neo Tantra workshop experience, so that I can give precision transformative experiences to people who want to learn how to: 

Love & Accept Yourself
as the Unique Being You Are
Discover What Sensual
Embodiment Can Do for You
Manifest with Pleasure
through Sex Magick
Open Your Heart into Total Bliss and Love
Learn the Art of
Giving & Receiving 
Heal Yourself with
Your Own Energy
Feel and Move Your
Own Delicious Energy
Liberate Your Emotions with Pleasure and Safety
And So Much More...


I work one-on-one with men, women, and non-binary people. 


Partnered Sessions

I work with couples, throuples and quads.

I could even work with close friends.

I work with all sexualities, gender expressions, and relationship structures.  

Who Do I Work With?

What if I have more than 4 people? Contact me directly for pricing.

So, what happens in a
Private Neo Tantra Workshop?

holo no bagg.png

There's a lot of confusion out there about what happens in a Tantra or Neo Tantra workshop. Here's what it's really like: 



If you're not in your body, there's no point! Every workshop will include embodiment like breath, movement, sound, and energy. It's all about the present moment in your body. 


Many Different Exercises

Each workshop is unique, but they will all consist of about 8-14 exercises (no, not like the gym) chosen very specifically to help you reach your desire. I've gone through over 800 hours of training to bring you these workshops and coaching. 



For some workshops nudity will be invited at some point. It is never required, and you'll still get everything you need out of the workshop even if you don't get naked. Note that I will never get naked. 


Safer Space

Safety is my number one priority. Without safety there is no transformation. With safety anything is possible! I cannot guarantee complete safety, only a safer space being held. 


No Sex in the Champagne Room

We will never have sexual contact of any kind in the workshops. This is a professional, ethical, and educational class. We may talk about sex, you may be invited into nudity, and there may be touch involved, but never sex. I also reserve the right to end the session at any time for any reason for no refund



Basically, the whole point of the workshop is to get you in your body in the present moment. It's from this space that bliss is remembered. 

Ready For a
Transformative Experience?

I offer a unique approach to private workshops for people who want to discover bliss in their lives and relationships. 

For people who want to feel alive in their bodies, connected to themselves and/or their partners, and to live with an open heart. 


Here's how it works

  • First, you choose which option you desire below. I can do these live in Bremerton, WA, live in Seattle, WA, or via video chat anywhere in the world. 

  • Next, you book the coaching session. This 1 - 1.5-hour session will allow me to dig into your desires and create a custom workshop just for you. 

  • Finally, you book the workshop session. It's a 3-hour block with plenty of time for questions. 


"Lona blew me away! Her workshops are outstanding and I can't believe what I got out of it! Best workshop ever!"


"My wife and I haven't connected this deeply in years. We've got two kids at home and having the private workshop made us really have to commit to time spent together. Loved it"


"She's a Goddess! I loved just getting to spend time with her and feeling her energy. Her energy is magnetic and with her there my energy work was soaring!"

 Don't Believe Me Though... 

Book A Custom Private Workshop

  • Gateway to Bliss - Bremerton

    Let me create a custom Neo Tantra Workshop for you in-person in Bremerton, WA!
    Valid for 40 days
    • 1-hour desire imprinting call to help me build the workshop
    • 3-hour custom-built Neo Tantra Workshop in Bremerton, WA
    • Plus follow up
  • Gateway to Bliss - Seattle

    Let me create a custom Neo Tantra Workshop for you in-person in Seattle, WA!
    Valid for 40 days
    • 1-hour Desire Imprinting call to help me build the workshop
    • 3-hour Custom Built Neo Tantra Workshop in Seattle
    • Plus Follow Up
  • Gateway to Bliss - Video Chat

    Let me create a custom Neo Tantra Workshop for you that we can do via video chat!
    Valid for 40 days
    • 1-hour Desire Imprinting call to help me build the workshop
    • 3-hour Custom built workshop via video chat
    • Plus Follow Up

Let's Work Together!

$925 Value!

Believe me, it's worth it! 

One session of coaching is worth $350 (and you can't even book a single session outside of this package). One Private Workshop Experience is worth $425, and that's not customized to your unique desires and needs. Customization is worth at least $150. That's $925 before the room rentals and travel time! 

Why is Seattle more expensive? 

I live in Bremerton, so it's a lot more cost effective for you to come to me. I also pay a lot higher room rental rate in Seattle (because: Seattle). So, you're paying for my gas, my travel time, and that sweet sweet Seattle space. 

What If I'm Not Sure...

That's totally understandable! I'm probably a stranger on the internet to you. And I appreciate your uncertainty! 

Let's chat! You can book a free 15-minute chat with me here to talk about the process and get all your questions answered. (oh, and to make sure I'm not super strange)

What If I Want to Take One of Your Previous Public Workshops?

You might know me from one of my MANY workshops I've done in the past. Ones like: Open Your Heart, Sensual Embodiment, Conscious Touch, Sex Magick, Tantric Datenight, Radical Self Love, Radiant Rest, etc. That's amazing one resonated with you! Bring this suggestion to our coaching session and I definitely take into consideration what your specific desires are! I'll probably give you a version of that previous workshop that is tweaked to your exact experience, desires, and needs. Know that you will get what you most desire and need. 

And if customization isn't something you're interested in I offer 6 of my previous workshops to you here for booking. They're only available in Bremerton or via video chat. 

When Will The Sessions Occur?

You book each session separately after you purchase the package. The coaching sessions are available to book Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. The LIVE Private Workshops are available to book on weekends from Noon - 10pm. The video chat Private Workshops are available both of these times. 

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