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Electronic Press Kit for Lona Teaches Bliss

Here's a quick and informative view of who I am and what I do! 

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I use an integrated approach to transformation and healing combining the powers of ancient Tantric techniques like breath, movement, sound, energy and mindfulness with cutting edge somatic psychology to take people from disconnected and disempowered to embodied, empowered, and in total bliss. In the past two years, I have taught over 70 workshops to over 1000 students in small settings & huge events, like Burning Man. I have taught a workshop with over 150 people.


My name is Lona (Low-nuh), and I’m a certified Tantra Teacher through the International Tantra Federation, but I go by the title Neo Tantra Teacher because I’m also a certified Somatic Sexual Bliss Coach and use somatic psychology in the workshops to create an integrated transformational experience. I combine these two superpowers together, which is Neo Tantra at its heart. I also do collaborations with other teachers. This past year I did a Feminine Rage workshop collaboration with a powerful man. And I taught a Tantra meets Kambo healing ceremony with a Kambo practitioner. I have walked this healing path to the depths of my soul and returned with a desire to share the healing I have experienced with as many people who are ready to know it! My teaching has a solid foundation in safety and consent for all participants. In workshops that include touch, consent is talked about, agreed upon, demonstrated, and I walk them through each step in the consent process. All are welcome to my workshops, and I help create a safer space where people can embody their most authentic expression.

Social Media Links 

Instagram: @Lonateachesbliss  (most engagement)

Facebook: Lona Teaches Bliss 


Contact Information

Lona Garner is the primary media contact. Email her at or text or call her anytime at 1-302-858-7479

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Testimonials from workshop attendees

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending two of Lona’s workshops, and was blown away! I walked away with new tools to develop intimacy not only with partners, but also with myself! As someone who has struggled with both, this is extremely impactful for me! Not only is the content great, Lona herself is an amazing facilitator. She held the space beautifully, and made sure everyone understood, but what really stood out was her complete embodiment of her role. She’s clearly in her element and I’m so grateful!” – Val 

“Working with Lona was an amazing experience! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a heart-centered, authentic Tantra Teacher! Not only was our session wonderful, but she went above and beyond to make special arrangements just for me! I’ll be a return client!” – Austin 

“I had no idea what to expect at Lona’s Tantric Healing workshop, but I loved the experience and got so many practical tools and techniques for healing myself. By the end of the workshop, I was elated and felt like I was renewed and floating on a cloud! Go to her workshops!” – Sasha

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