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What is Bliss?

I've learned through my life that Bliss is a state of being. Bliss isn't some fleeting emotion that comes and goes. It is a state you enter into and move with even when things are going terrible. You can experience blissful grief, blissful disappointment, blissful regret. And not from a space of bypassing those emotions, but from a space of loving everything that exists. Because one of the greatest lessons of Tantra is to love all of this creation, no matter how difficult it might be. That the bliss of the universe is baked into every inch of this world, including you and your emotions, so you can feel that divine bliss no matter where you look or feel.

This is what I hope to teach you. 


I'm Lona and


Labels seem to give you an idea of who people generally are so I'll share a few. I'm a polyamorous, queer, vegan, kinky, witch, who teaches bliss! You don't have to be these things to work with me, but they might give you a permission slip to allow your authentic self to shine with me. 

I help people who have experienced past pain and trauma find liberation through their sexuality using Tantric practices (like breath, movement, sound, mindfulness, and energy) combined with cutting edge somatic psychology! 


What Makes Me Able to Help You?

I have been through over 800 hours of training to bring you this kind of epic healing and transformation. 

I started my journey becoming a Tantra Teacher in Greece. I did a 200-hour training in 30 days to learn how to move people into a Tantric state through workshops. My workshops are outstanding at getting you to experience something new. 

Then I completed the VITA method, a 600-hour training in one year, created by Tantric Master Layla Martin. This in-depth training is how I bring you transformative coaching that can break through blockages, and liberate you from past pain so that you can live in bliss! 


Praise for my workshops

Tantra workshops are a little bit of a mystery if you've never experienced one yourself. A lot of people I talk to are nervous to try. I offer some unique praise here to show you what people experience in my public workshops and my private workshops.

Leave a testimonial below! 

I had no idea what to expect at Lona's Tantric Healing workshop, but I loved the experience and got so many practical tools/techniques for healing myself. I had absolutely no experience in healing or Tantra before this! By the end of the workshop, I was elated and felt like I was floating on a cloud!


Lona's skills at putting together a workshop blew me away and were beyond anything I had expected! She's very good at what she does! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to go deeper within themselves.


Thank you Lona for creating that moment last night in the Conscious Touch Workshop! My wife and I have been together for 25 years. We have 2 teenagers. Getting a moment to connect or learn a new way to connect with each other is so special. So, thank you again! Loving the community you're building!


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