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Sun, Jan 22


Havn Healing Center - Seattle

Dark Goddess Rising - Transformational Workshop

Unleash the full expression of the Feminine or support and hold that expression as a Masculine.

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Dark Goddess Rising - Transformational Workshop
Dark Goddess Rising - Transformational Workshop

Time & Location

Jan 22, 2023, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Havn Healing Center - Seattle, 3301 Burke Ave N Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

About the event

All are welcome to join in this transformational half day workshop. In modern society, there are so few spaces where the Feminine gets the chance to express the full range of emotions. And still fewer, are spaces where the Masculine gets to support and bear witness to this divine process. This workshop is that space.

See a video explanation here if you prefer:

The Feminine, the overflowing Goddess, is a divine creature in all of us that is not made of only love and light, but also darkness. This darkness not only exists within her but is an equal part. There is no light without the dark. But the dark is not scary, just like the New Moon is not scary. It is an essential part of the whole. Yet society has told us to hide this part of ourselves. The emotional, chaotic, difficult side is not welcome in most spaces. The Dark Goddess in you is finally welcome here.

The Masculine, the impeccable Emperor, is also a divine creature in all of us. He is capable of holding the entirety of the Feminine with grace and ease. Though, this is not an easy endeavor. In this workshop we will train you to hold the power of the Feminine in order to witness and support her divine opening. We cannot merely dismantle the Patriarchy, but we must also find spaces to heal the destruction it has caused. This is that healing space.

HOW WE DO IT: We will start together by getting into our bodies and out of our minds. Then we will separate into the Feminine group and the Masculine group (see below for which group to choose). The Fems will get deeply in touch with their Dark Goddess within through active exercises designed to bring out sisterhood, emotion and embodiment. The Mascs will learn to hold divine space for the Feminine and get actively in touch with their power, support and brotherhood. Then we reunite in a sacred ritual. Each Feminine can choose to enter the circle for 3 minutes. She will pick one Masculine (or more) to act as the receiver of her emotions. Then she will be allowed to express her full range of emotions in any way she chooses (with or without physical contact, see below), while he holds silent, supportive space for her to do so. After all the Fems get their opportunity (if they choose), we will come back together in a ceremony where we can show our respect, love and gratitude for each other. Afterwards we will have an open container decompression space for anyone to stay and process what just happened along with vegan refreshments. This is a very emotional workshop, and we wish to offer extended, unstructured space for that.

A note on physical contact. Before a feminine enters the circle, she can ask for consent to put her hands on the masculine she chooses. Any masculines who consent to the touch she describes will step forward signaling their consent so she can choose from this group. Physical contact can be anything she asks for, including violence. We empower each person to choose their own level of comfort with physical contact. It is never required and always consensual.

WHICH GROUP AM I IN? We have chosen generally non-binary language to describe this event and wanted to expand on what each side means. Cis-gender women should choose the feminine expressers group, cis-gender men should choose the masculine space holders group. Trans and non-binary people are open to choose which side feels more aligned with them. In general, we encourage you to choose the group that you grew up in, or the group that you experienced the most trauma as. We trust you to choose what is most aligned with the healing you need today. Others please note, this is not a space to "try on" the other side. This is sacred work we are doing, so if you live your whole life as a cis-person please choose that side. Please purchase the ticket (feminine expressing, or masculine space holder) of the side you will be with.

Hosts & Background: This workshop originated at Burning Man about 5 years ago. Both hosts attended this year and were blown away by the transformation it enabled in their lives. Lona will be leading the Feminine group. She is a full-time Tantra teacher, teaching dozens of workshops a year with her company Make Space For Infinity LLC. She took this workshop at Burning Man then lead one a couple days later. She birthed her own Dark Goddess in the wake of this experience. Jonathan will lead the Masculine group.  He is a co-founder and Medical Director of HAVN Healing Center.  Jonathan has completed Sacred Space Training through Kula Collective and has extensive experience facilitating transformational ketamine experiences at HAVN.  He took the workshop this year and in the integration of the experience realized that his path lay in bringing the teachings of this container to his community. Please reach out to either of us with questions about the workshop. or

Tickets are $60 if you buy one, $50 if you buy two or more, $40 scholarships for those who feel they can't afford the full price, and there are 2 volunteer spots available first come first serve. Please purchase the ticket for the group you will be joining, Feminine Expressers or Masculine Space Holders.

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