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Sun, Feb 26


Havn Healing Center in Seattle

Feel. Heal. Be. Tantra Meets Kambo

Combining a Kambo Ceremony with a Tantra Workshop, this one has the potential for huge healing!

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Feel. Heal. Be. Tantra Meets Kambo
Feel. Heal. Be. Tantra Meets Kambo

Time & Location

Feb 26, 2023, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Havn Healing Center in Seattle, 3301 Burke Ave N Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98103, USA


About the event

A rare match! During a Kambo ceremony you want to be able to be in your body and surrender to the deep feelings of the medicine. This is not a psychedelic experience, but a healing and feeling one. One of the specialties of Tantra is getting people into their bodies and surrendering to feelings. They go together like frogs and lily pads! Speaking of frogs, that's where Kambo comes from! Let's explore the medicines.

Hosts: Emily is a Kambo practitioner in Everett, WA. She is a humble and divine keeper of this medicine. Lona is a Tantra Teacher in Bremerton, WA. She is calling in more collaborations to her Tantra workshops and this is her favorite so far! Both are deeply aligned with their purpose to bring these kinds of experiences to more people.

First in the ceremony we will try Sananga. A powerful, healing medicine from the tribes of the Amazon. We are so thankful to these tribes for sharing their wisdom with the outside world. It is made from a sacred shrub, and can help you see more sharply, can heal the eye of ailments, can clear unwanted energies, has antifungal antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, plus more! It comes as an eye drop and imparts an intense burning sensation for a few minutes. Here, we will use the Tantra to go deeper into it. Using the tools of breath, movement, and sound to find a way to surrender to the pain and allow it to work its magic.

Next up is Hape. Hape is another plant medicine from the tribes of the Amazon. Such incredible gratitude we feel for this knowledge being passed on to the world. The base of Hape is usually tobacco and it's mixed with several other herbs and spices. Each tribe usually has their own special blend. All the ingredients are powdered into a snuff. The practitioner uses her Tepi to gently blow it up the nose. The benefits are also many. The benefits are again both physical and spiritual. It can help to focus your mind, clears any unwanted energies, detoxifies the body, mind, and energy, clears the hell out of the sinuses, and can ground and calm you (you know, after the pain). It flirts again with this edge of pain. It's an intense sensation, but subsides quickly, too. Using Tantra we will again learn to flow with the sensations, not resist, and surrender to the medicine.

Finally, the Kambo! Pronounced like combo, this potent healing medicine is the poison of the Giant Leaf From of the Amazon. The frogs are not killed when it is harvested. The poison is scraped from their backs and they are set free again. It is very important that the poison does not get into the bloodstream. That is why a trained practitioner is necessary. Ours is highly trained and the method of delivery is safe. To do Kambo safely the practitioner burns the top couple layers of skin off using an incense stick. It barely hurts and we aren't going deep into the skin. Then the poison is put directly on this point, called the gate. The practitioner watches you to know when to put more. She may or may not put more on, depending on many factors. Even one point has the power to heal. Kambo is a powerful tool to purify and clear what is not serving on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It can work to heal a wide variety of things, specializing in getting rid of what does not serve.

Kambo can also be a painful experience. Again, it isn't psychedelic. But it can raise your temperature, cause nausea, vomiting, and uncomfortable sensations. Through the Tantra we will work again to remain in the body, surrender to the sensations, and move with the medicine. By allowing and surrendering we are telling the medicine that it's safe to move through. These medicines have the potential to heal deeply, so it is asked that you follow a certain lifestyle free of substances for at least 4 days prior to the ceremony. This is a safety precaution since we are dealing with literal poison. This ceremony is for those who are serious about going deeper into plant and animal medicines. The last day to purchase tickets will be 4 days prior to the event on February 22nd so that you have time to adjust your lifestyle. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out.

Using Kambo and Tantra together was a wild idea we had, and the more we talked about it the more we found them to be perfect companions. Join us on Sunday February 26th for an incredible healing ceremony that you won't soon forget! 6 spots available. 


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