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Actually, let's make some space though

There are a plethora of ways we can make space in ourselves for infinity to enter. In fact, you're doing one right now. Learning new things. First, we must learn to slow the mind.

The mind is designed to keep us safe and alive. That's it's main goal. It doesn't understand that we live in a technologically advanced society that protects us from most major catastrophes that would kill us. The mind still thinks we are back in the nomad days, so it thinks it has to protect us from every red flag.

The mind has helped us get this far in life. Thank your mind for it's tireless effort to keep you safe, and alive. But we must transcend this automatic response of the mind to keep thinking if we are going to make that space available for something else.

#Meditation is the number one thing that will help you gain control over your mind. We will never stop the mind, that is impossible and automatic. But we can disengage from the narrative the mind is playing and tune in to our bodies and souls instead.

A trick you've probably heard is to imagine your thoughts as clouds floating away. A better version of this is to picture the cloud thoughts, but then don't focus on the clouds, focus on the sky behind the clouds. Then you can really disengage and start making space.

But meditation isn't the only way to make space. You can also do #yoga. Which brings space to the body, thus bringing space to the mind. You can journal, which get the thoughts out of your head and down on the paper. This sets the thoughts free from your loop. You could also go for a nice hike. The freedom and freshness that a hike offers will naturally clear your mind.

You could volunteer your time. This will take you out of your own situation and create some space where you would have only been thinking about yourself. You can call a friend or family member to talk to. Connection to those closest to us empties out space because we are literally making physical room for them in our lives. Try to avoid gossiping or talking only about yourself if your goal is to make space.

Commit to learning a new skill. By occupying our mind, it actually makes space because the mind has a specific task. When we busy the mind, it frees up all the underlying space the mind would have filled in with thoughts. Keep the mind busy on conscious tasks and you will keep making space.

Dive in and find out how to make more space! Each person is unique and what brings you joy and peace and space could be totally different from me. Get into the habit of feeling when you are making space and when space is filling in, then go do more of those things that make you feel that space.

Infinity brings with it new knowledge, power, and bliss. It's worth every ounce. Savor the moments you feel that connection to the infinite. Then find new ways to welcome it in.

INSPIRED ACTION: Try the sky meditation technique I describe above. See if this changes how you perceive the space being created. Dig deeper into the infinite.

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