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Why I See the Goddess in YOU

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

You delicious, sexy, wonderful Goddess, you! I'm even talking to those who identify as males! There is no difference, because we all have the Goddess inside of us. One of the early things in Tantra and Magick that struck me as similar were their use of the Goddess archetype. The empowered, divine Goddess (and god) in all of us! And in the realm of sexuality, you can call me the Infinite Goddess. That or Lona works, too! Let's figure out why both Tantra and Magick use this epic term.

I guess I'll start with Tantra! We all have polarities inside of us. The warrior and the submissive. The Prince and the Princess. The Goddess and the god. To determine if you are balanced you must do self-inquiry to see where the balance is. There are times to be the warrior, and times to be the submissive. But if you are always leaning into the warrior and never the submissive, then you are not balanced. This will lead you to the dark sides of each. Tantra is an effort to make you more conscious, and to transcend these polarities. But you cannot transcend to the Goddess level until you learn to balance each. Balance, then transcend.

The Goddess in Tantra is the divine feminine. The purest form of your feminine energy. The god is the divine masculine. The highest form of your masculine energy. And they already exist inside of you. That's why I say you are already the Goddess. Everything you need is already there; you just have to remember the path. The path is not a secret, it is just hidden. With effort, Tantra can teach you the way back. Learning to tap into your divine energies can bring peace, joy, love, bliss, and acceptance into your life. You can learn to become the Goddess.

In witchcraft, however, the Goddess is the divine power. You call on the Goddess to assist you in Magick. Let's say you want to embody the divine feminine. You could set up an altar to one of the Goddesses to call in this energy. Basically, instead of calling it in from within you (like Tantra), you are calling it in from around you. A very slight difference in methodology, but to the same outcome. You are integrating that divine feminine into your life. In both Tantra and Magick you can move toward enlightenment - the ultimate Goddess.

In all the different forms of witchcraft, there are many types of Goddesses and gods to call on. Typically, the Goddess energy would be the Earth energy, the moon energy, or the oceans. The god would be the sky, the sun, and the plants. There are probably hundreds of forms of each Goddess/god. A practitioner would just have to figure out which type of energy they would like to call in, then call that particular deity into their life. A chaos witch, like myself, doesn't need an established Goddess to call on. If I believe this blade of grass has the power I'm looking to call in, all that matters is that I believe it and it is so. So each sect of witchcraft has their own way of calling on these energies. By calling them in you are calling out the divine Goddess within you.

But again, it comes back to balance. In Tantra, I am balancing the two energies within myself. In Magick I am calling on different energies to balance what I am working on. Such similar philosophies have lead me to believe that Tantra and Magick are almost the same. Almost. I devote my time and energy to both of these incredible practices because I believe they compliment each other perfectly. They have also both helped me see my own divine feminine. So please call me Goddess from now on. Hehe!

INSPIRED ACTION: I want you to journal about what it means to call upon the Goddess. Whether calling from within or out, I want you to ask yourself these questions. What does Goddess energy mean to me? How can I use this energy in my life? What would my life look like if I embodied the Goddess?

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