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4 Energies to Explore

There's nothing sexier than some energy work. Co-creating with energy is such a rich experience! Feeling the energy move, being inspired by the energy, and knowing you participated are all unique experiences in energy! In Tantra we mostly work with our own personal energy. In Witchcraft there are many energies to work with. The four main ones are Earth energy, personal energy, cosmic energy, and divine energy. Let's break it down!

Earth energy comes from, you guessed it, the Earth! It is often associated with the feminine energy. That makes sense, because the Earth nurtures us and takes care of us. She teaches us patience and understanding. This is the energy of the Goddess, the consciousness. Some might say that the Earth energy is the most important energy a Witch works with. It's not just about the actual planet either, but the energy of the planet as well. The Earth has grids of energy that move around it, kinda like your energy moves around your chakras. We can work along these ley lines of the Earth, as well. To a Witch, Earth energy is almighty.

Personal energy is the energy in your own field. Your aura. In Tantra, this is the almighty energy. In my opinion, energy is energy, so I don't find a need to rank them. If you feel that one type of energy will help you more, then use that one. They will all help. Use your intuition to know what is for your highest self in each situation. But your personal energy is vital to your existence. It helps power you through the day. You need to be mindful and recharge it. Sleep helps you recharge it, and rest. This is that energy that I'm always talking about in the root chakra that we bring up to raise our consciousness. A Witch can do this, too.

Cosmic energy is all that glorious energy that's raining down on us from the stars and suns. The sky is typically seen as a masculine energy, with its fire and action and destruction. The sky protects us from what would kill us in the universe. Our fearless protector. It's a dual pole against the Earth energy. They balance and align with each other. One is above, one is below. It can be powerful when working with both.

Divine energy is the last category that encompasses many energies that are outside of this dichotomy of the Earth and cosmic energies. There are many more types of energy, but this captures the rest. This energy is pure and is what you would think of as unconditional love. Divine energy is used to create a sacred space for containing your Magick. Some Witches call it "perfect love and perfect trust" and call on it to go past the dualism of the world and move into the infinite. In Tantra we move our personal energy up and reunite it with divine energy. The meeting of these two energies is pure bliss.

Knowing the different types of energy and how to co-create with them is a critical role in learning Magick. I have found it so interesting to play with each energy type. You can start to feel their own unique flows. I walk barefoot on the Earth and picture her power coming up through my feet. I meditate and feel the rain of the cosmic energy moving through me. I move and flow with my personal energy, inviting it to unite with the divine energy it came from. Here's a fun way to connect with these energies.

INSPIRED ACTION: Get into a meditative sitting position. Become aware of your own energy. Breathe with your own energy that surrounds you. It's subtle. Now tune into the energy of the Earth below you. Invite that energy to move through you. Sit here for a bit and feel. Note if it feels any different. Next invite the energy of the cosmos to rain down on you. Feel that energy. The protection, the strength. Finally, bring into your mind something that you feel unconditional love for. A pet, a plant, a place, maybe a person. Allow that feeling to fill your body up. That is the divine energy presence. Keep returning to this practice and keep asking yourself how each one intuitively feels.

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