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60th Blog = Sex Magick!

OMG it's my 60th blog!!! I'm so proud of how far I've come in just about a year writing this for you all. I've come to really enjoy this outlet for my creativity and love to send to you all! So, let's make this one sexy and fun and beautiful!! We're kind of going back to the beginning for me because sex magick is how I found Tantra, so we probably can't talk about one without the other! Let's go!

I guess we can start with what is Magick. Magick is the energy that witches co-create with. Magick is the behind-the-scenes thing at work that makes our manifestations and spells and protection work. We whisper (or sometimes yell) our desires to the universe and the way she brings that to us is the energy of Magick.

When a witch does any sort of Magick she needs to raise the energy somehow. Sure, you can try to do it without raising the energy, but the more energy you can draw to the spell the more energy the Magick will have to make it happen! This can be done all sorts of ways, from chanting, to dancing, to mental energy work. But in sex magick, we use sex to raise that energy!

This is where the Tantra part comes in. In Tantra, we learn how to build energy from deep inside us and raise it up. It's a slower, intentional process that is designed to raise your vibration through your central channels to reach a valley of orgasmic pleasure, instead of a peak orgasm. Becoming orgasmic, instead of having an orgasm is a really watered-down definition, but it will help you understand!

You probably know how to make yourself come. You can probably do it in like 3 minutes during a commercial break on the Bachelor if you really wanted to (man or woman)! Using one of these quick draw orgasms for sex magick will kind of defeat the point since we are trying to raise the energy as much as we can! Sure, you could try it this way, but don't expect too much in the way of results. However, if you take your time, get really present in the body, tune out the mind, and focus just on pleasure for a while, then this will naturally allow the energy to rise.

The more you can get this energy to rise the more it will assist in your Magick! Don't set a time limit, just flow with how it feels. The point of orgasm is potent. It's an explosion of energy that rushes out to the universe. You don't have to be a Tantric Priestess to get this to work either. Although, damn you can just imagine it for them! Shew! Raise your energy, focus on the body sensation and out of the mind, have no goal in mind, don't rush to the finish, and stay present in this moment for all the pleasure! If you do this, then it will raise energy. Period.

So, how's it all come together? Well, first you have to know what you want and how to set intentions. This is a complex topic I won't touch on here. Basically though, you need to get specific about what you want to bring in. If you're not very specific, or if you're trying to control the method the universe brings it to you, then you could be ruining the Magick from the beginning. Let's say I want more money. Money isn't the goal, what I want to do with it is the goal. So, I focus on what I will do with that money. Let's say I want a new car that will be reliable, efficient, and sexy.

Now that you have your manifestation, you can begin. Set your space. Make it sexy, turn down the lights, throw out your favorite soft blanket, light some incense. Do whatever you want to make this space for sacred and special. Connect with spirit, however you like. Now speak gratitude. Speak lots of it! This is the language of the universe; this is how you get the attention of the universe! Once you have her attention, speak your spell or manifestation. Speak it clearly 3 times. Now picture your life when you get what you want. Feel the feelings you would have when you got it. Feelings help you go deeper. Now begin to raise the energy. It doesn't necessarily have to be with a partner, you can have solo sex and it will work just as well. Maybe even better in the beginning because a partner makes it harder to concentrate.

If you do have a partner, make sure you prep them on having a neutral mindset throughout. When you bring someone else in, their thoughts and feelings will absolutely affect the Magick. If they think it won't work then they are poisoning the spell. If they aren't present then some of the energy you raise will be sucked out by them. If they are rushing to an orgasm then this will affect your energy as well. See what I mean how it can be more difficult with someone else? Definitely learn to do this on your own first, then maybe try taking it to partnered sex.

You don't have to focus on the spell the whole time you are pleasuring yourself. In fact, this will take you out of the pleasure. Focus on the pleasure and your body sensations alone. Focus on the energy. Then at the point of orgasm see in your mind the spell getting taken up by the energy and delivered with force to the universe. After this take time sitting silently with yourself. Reflect on the process and what your body feels. Feel the feelings of getting what you asked for. Speak more gratitude, thank the universe for giving you what you want. From now on speak of it and think of it as if it is already done.

This is the basic structure of sex Magick! It can get a lot more involved and complicated than this, but when you're just learning this is a great place to start. Don't worry yourself with if you're raising enough energy or if you did it right. Trust yourself that this was the perfect amount of energy for your skills right now. And if you want to go deeper, then start studying Tantra!

INSPIRED ACTION: Try a version of this. But be careful, you could get exactly what you wish for! Journal about the experience afterwards.


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