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Bring a Bucket and A Mop for this Tore Up Aura

Picture this: a plane is about to take off, but the wings are shot up like a turkey at Thanksgiving. How is the plane going to get to its destination when it's full of holes? This is what's happening whenever you try to do Magick with a tore up aura. How will the intentions and desires fly out into the universe if the plane is busted? Luckily, an aura is much easier to fix than a plane!

So how does an aura get out of whack anyway? It's actually very natural. Just living our lives can harm it. Interacting with people who aren't in control of their energy can suck ours out. Trauma certainly hurts it. Arguments. Stress. Unhealthy energetic connections we've unknowingly formed. Even our own destructive thoughts can stick around as thoughtforms to drag us down. Thoughtforms are like little programs we've created with our thoughts and words. Remember last week when you said "ah, I'm so stupid for doing that". The more you say that the stronger that energy can become. This becomes a dark spot on our energy as the program runs in the background, feeding us exactly what we told it to.

With all these things constantly straining our aura it's a wonder our aura is even still there at all! But the aura naturally heals itself over time. It's a magical thing like that. However, our intentions can quicken the healing process by a lot! It really doesn't matter how we got these ailments in our aura, only that we practice good auric hygiene to bring it back!

Below I will detail a meditation to clean the aura. But first, I want you to understand a few things. The aura is colored in many different ways. But we can also color it with our thoughts. So, if you picture purple light showering down over you, then your aura will take on this color for a bit. This can help clear and cleanse on its own. A great trick for regular, easy maintenance. Keep in mind that sometimes the aura is hurt very deeply, and when we go to clean it up it may bring up these memories. This is perfectly natural and part of the healing process. Allow these feelings to come. Acknowledge the hurt, then let it go. If you feel like you need to then ground yourself and journal about what happened. Just don't hold it in! Allow. Let go. Move on.

INSPIRED ACTION: Aura cleansing. First get comfortable and upright in a meditative state. This could be counting backwards. Become aware of your aura. Feel it around you in your mind. Ground yourself. Visualize a beam of light descending from your spine into the Earth. Say this, "I ask to cleanse my aura with ease, effortlessness, and tenderness". Now scan your aura from top to bottom. Feel where it might be "drafty" or thin. This is where tears are. These leaks are where you're losing some energy. Wherever you find a hole visualize a ball of light patching it up. Keep going all over your aura this way. Now, look over the aura again but this time for thoughtforms. These will look and feel like black or gray dense matter. When you find one reach out with your mind and grab it. Sometimes when you do this the thought will become apparent. Note this, as you don't want to keep repeating the same harm. Then engulf the matter in white light, and gently push it out of your aura. You can even command it out. Watch it dissolve in the light. Finally, look for energetic cords. You'll feel them as almost funnels of your energy out or in. They are the strongest of these. In your mind grab the cord and gently pull it out of you. Some are lodged deep, so keep pulling until you feel it's out. Bless this cord, as you don't want to send anything back along the cord to the receiver. Clear as many as you can find. Now picture beautiful purple light raining down on your aura. Let your aura take on this delightful light. Feel the fullness of your aura returned. Then return yourself to normal consciousness. Journal and ground as needed.


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