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Caution: Magick ahead!

The seas toss her boat heroically through the waves. But she remains unchanged, focused on the game. A wave comes high and harsh, knocking her to her knees, but she doesn't cry out. She knows the universe has her back, because she works with magick to bring herself on track. She knows that no matter how dark the clouds seem to close on her, that the light is just around the corner. Each color brings a new lesson to learn. She will not be deterred.

I don't know about you, but I just love a good underdog story! As a witch, I learn to move with the current, and use magick to nudge my way to the outcome that is best for my highest self!

So, what is magick, and how is it different from magic? Magick is the energy force used in witchcraft to affect the universe. A witch (this is a male or female term) learns the powers and rules of working with magick, then uses it in divination, to manifest certain things, help the planet, and live in synch with everything. Magic is what you probably think of when you see Harry Potter, or Hocus Pocus. It is tangible, and you can use it to move things in space, or light things on fire, or blow up your enemies. Magick is intangible. You cannot see energy, you can only feel it.

So the hardest thing that is learned in witchcraft is how to move and feel that energy that you cannot see. That's why I talk about the mind so much. A witch cannot flow freely with the powerful energy of magick if they are not in flow with themselves. This is why working on your shadow self is paramount to doing witchcraft. If you allow your societal programming to mingle in your witchcraft, then it will be affected. Likely, negatively.

Let's say you have been hurt by men before (it's me...), but you wish to find a good one. So you create a spell that draws only men of a certain quality towards you. If your mind cannot let go of the negative, hurtful feelings towards men, then no men will be drawn to you because you are not open enough to accept any of their divine levels. The magick has worked perfectly and given you what you needed, but you are still alone. Instead, a witch must empty herself of all societal, circumstantial programming in order to receive the greatest gifts she can for her higher self.

I learned, through witchcraft, that the feeling is much better to manifest than a specific situation. Magick reacts to feelings, because they are so much less specific than an exact situation. Say I want to create wealth in my life. I could have a specific dollar amount in mind that I need, maybe $1000. I could manifest just $1000, or I could manifest the feeling I will have when I receive $1000. I would feel happy, joyful, ecstatic, blissful, and peaceful if I received $1000. This works two-fold: It'll free up the universe to bring me wealth, and I won't cap the universe of it's gifts. I may receive $1000 many times if I just manifest the feeling. And I free up the universe to find this for me any way it chooses. What if it was easier for the universe to give me $5000? It's these things we don't even know we don't know, that can slow down our ascension, unintentionally!

So how do you use magick in a safe and intentional way? I say learn as much as you can! Read books, follow witches on social media, talk to friends, experiment! One of the best tips I learned and still use ALL the time is this: at the end of every spell, manifestation, or wish end it with "for the good of all, harming none, so mote it be". This tells the universe that you only wish to gain the thing IF it is in a safe, effective way for all. A witch alone is responsible for the damage she causes, because anything she puts out in the world will be drawn back to her and multiplied. That's why I say be careful, witches!

If you have more questions please reach out and ask! I love helping people achieve their goals and understand magcik!

INSPIRED ACTION: Journal today about what magick could do in your life. Let go of the limiting beliefs society has. You can attain anything you wish if you are only bold enough to ask. Love and Light.

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