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Courage Without Fear?

He's known as the cowardly lion who found his courage through fear. He might have just as easily started as the courageous lion who became taken over by fear, then had to find his courage again. Or maybe, just maybe, he was a fearful cub who had to find his courage, but went too far and became obsessed with fear, only to have to find his courage again! The message is that if you keep weighing down one side of the scale, you will be drawn to the other side. Back and forth you will go. Unbalanced. Find. Your. Center.

Duality creeps in to all aspects of our life. Weighing the balance of each moment as we go. The mind's creation to help us survive. But you do not need it. It can only serve you so far. In the quest to become a witch or to practice tantra, you will learn to start to view the world from a non-dualistic stance. This will help you go deeper into altered states of consciousness, feel more connected to your authentic center, and understand the world on a new level.

Fear is so often seen as a "negative" emotion that finds us. Courage is seen as something we want to attain, that maybe we will find somewhere. It is neither of these: they both live inside you on a scale, entangled together. As you lean more into the feelings of courage, you are also leaning into the feeling of fear. They are inseparable. Pushing and pulling. Moving with every circumstance.

Find your center. Do not engage either scale. Leave them blank, balanced in nothing. Return to your own authentic truth. Reframe the courage/fear into the facts of the circumstance.

Unbalanced thought: I'm afraid to start this new path.

Opposite unbalanced thought: I'm not afraid of anything!

Reframed: This new path is aligned with what I want my life to become. It is not guaranteed.

I will need to work towards it if I want the benefits I seek.

Unbalanced thought: I felt courage when I jumped into the water off the bridge!

Opposite unbalanced thought: I was so scared on the bridge, I shook!

Reframed: My heart raced as I looked off the edge of the bridge, but I knew I wouldn't

actually die! I soared through the air in a rush of emotion!

Unbalanced thought: I'm afraid to face that part of myself.

Opposite unbalanced thought: Someday, I'll find the courage to face that side of myself.

Reframed: I seek to understand all parts of myself. Hiding parts of myself only hurts me.

Neither side of a "positive" or "negative" transaction will result in balance. Seek only to find the truth in the facts. Catch yourself, and then reword them as you go through your day. Never shame yourself when you catch them. Waste no time. Thank yourself for noticing, then reframe, and move on. See how the reframing shapes what you do or say next.

INSPIRED ACTION: Balancing meditation! Sit comfortably upright with your palms face up. I want you to experience the unbalanced and balanced feelings of fear and courage. Get into your meditative state. Focus on your spine. Picture it as a hollow rod. Feel into the rod, strong and secure. A white light begins to pour down into your crown chakra. This is the feeling of courage. Let the feeling wash over you. Let it lift you up. Feel strong in the feeling of courage. Stop the flow of energy. Now from your root chakra up the rod, picture a white light of fear energy. Feel it coming up your spine filled with some light fear. Don't go to your most fearful feeling, as I'm not there to guide you back. Feel some fear running up your spine. How does it differ from the courage? Next, bring the scale into balance. Feel the courage light shining down into your crown again. Feel the lights merge together in your rod. Feel the push and pull equalize. Find the center, and shine outward from there.

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