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Did you think Tantra was about sex?

Ok, ok, ok, I agree! It's misleading as hell! Tantra has operated under this veil of secrecy for a really long time. Not really because it's a secret, but because it was passed down from teacher to student by word of mouth. You had to study under a pro to get the knowledge back in the day. Now, we have come into the age of information, and the practice doesn't have to be given via word, in person, anymore.

Have we lost something because this teacher/student relationship has changed? I don't think so! I think that the more people who have access to this information, the more people will help change the world for the better. You'll still see the teacher/student relationship, just the teachers will be able to tell WAY more people with the internet, and the students can find teachers all over the world.

I think it's important to have many teachers, as well as developing a deeper relationship with one. The internet has changed everything, and I'm so glad you're here learning about the mysteries with me! My calling is to teach people about this divine connection to the universe!

So, then, what is tantra? Tantra is the ritualized, energetic connection we have with the divine universe. Let's break that down.

Ritualized. This meaning that we keep going back to the same practices over and over. We want to learn to go deeper, and more present into the act of connecting with the universe. Creating a ritual, say daily or weekly, to commit yourself to developing that connection will take you closer to infinity.

Energetic. We are dealing in the substance of energy. This isn't physical things you can see. Although, you will probably see many beautiful things along your journey! This is learning the tingle of bliss moving in your own body. This is learning how to move energy with your mind, and feel it in your body. It's about embodying energy. In tantra, we also learn to use the energetic portal that is your sexual energy, found in the root chakra. It is the same energy as your life force energy that keeps you moving, we just access it through specific ways of tapping into the root chakra.

Connection. In these bodies, we are intentionally disconnected from the immense knowledge and power of the infinite universe. Through tantric practice we are re-establishing that beautiful connection.

Divine Universe. This is the ALL. Everything that is. The infiniteness of the universe. Some people call it God, or Goddess. Consciousness. The divine. The unity of everything. Oneness. Sacred Knowledge. Gaia. Higher Power. Priestess. The word you use to describe infinity is not important, only that you accept it is far greater than anything you can currently imagine.

When we develop the mental tools required for establishing divine connection we are practicing tantra. There is no goal. The more you focus on your goal, the further you stray from it. That's again why tantra may be so confusing. We turn the connection into ritual, so it becomes about the present moment. But we let go of any other expectations about what will happen during the ritual. What will happen will only happen when the universe knows you are ready. So just practice being ready.

So... tantra isn't about sex at all?

Yes and no! It is completely possible to practice tantra and never have tantric sex with a partner. But there are things you can experience when you take the ritualized connection to the divine into your partnered or solo sex. You can merge your sexuality and your spirituality to forge the connection to the unending bliss of the universe! Tantra is how gods and goddesses have sex. (PS. You're a god/goddess!)

In tantric sex, you are taking the tools you learned to remain present, not have expectations, and surrender to the will of the universe and using that mindset in sex. You can make anything tantric, actually! Not just sex. You can make a tantric meal. You can take a tantric walk. You can swim naked in the ocean tantrically.

When you turn any activity into the ritual of connection with the divine you are also practicing tantra. To learn more about the ritual of connecting to your sexual energy, subscribe to this blog below, and follow my Instagram @makespaceforinfinity.


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