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Feeling the feel of my feelings: Embodiment

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I can barely stand. The laughter is coming from my chest and forehead. The laugh is contagious. People around me are laughing, now. The laugh is tickling my stomach and making me laugh even harder.


I'm crying so hard it hurts. I can't move. The sadness is sticking hard in my stomach, weighing me down. Each sob brining new sobs with it. I'm going even deeper into the sadness.

These are two very different scenarios that have happened to all of us. But they are more similar than you think. Both of these are examples of embodiment. In either one, I really felt into the feeling. I didn't pull away. I let the feelings sink in fully and I felt them. This is embodiment.

In both #tantra and #witchcraft we need to become experts in our own feelings. If I wish to connect deeply with myself, then I can't be running from my feelings. If I want to manifest something, but I'm running from sadness, then sadness will just fill in all the empty spaces I left. If I want to have deep soul-penetrating connection to my partner(s), then I can't be hiding from the dark parts of myself. I need it all on the table, and felt in order to get the outcomes that I want.

No one ever taught me how to feel. I was taught how to stop crying, how to not laugh so hard, how to calm down, how to numb my feelings. But never how to feel. I think people just assume it's not important to know. So I had to teach myself.

INSPIRED ACTION: We are going to feel together. I want you to stand for this one. Feet flat on the floor, spine straight, palms open. Take a few deep bottom breaths: inhale all the way down to fill your perineum, then let the exhale fall out of your mouth with a sigh, relaxed. Now bring up a memory of a time you laughed uncontrollably. Let the memory move and change you. Let it light you up. Feel what it felt to laugh so hard. Smile if you like. Dance if you like. Just stay focused on the feeling. Ask yourself where in your actual body are you feeling this laughter? Is it in your stomach? Chest? Head? Feet? The feeling will manifest physically. It will dance in your body somewhere. Where you feel it is the embodied manifestation of the feeling. Remember what it feels like. All feelings have this embodied response.

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