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Hello? Higher self! Who are you?!

We all define this fancy term a little different. And I'm completely ok with that! No matter what you want to call the highest version of yourself, I want you to reach it. I've searched far and wide in the world for what it means to me, personally. And I view that as a personal choice.

We have come from different backgrounds, you and I. We have learned vastly different things. But we will come to the same conclusion when we reach our higher selves. We will both see the truth and the path will be less important. The truth is what matters.

So don't get caught in the terminology. There is a whole lot of terminology to get caught in. I am a polyamorous, bisexual, vegan, tantric, witch. There is a lot there you may relate with, and maybe some that you don't. Society is full of this kind of terminology, but I only view myself as Lona. An independent human, who can love this universe however she pleases.

And I view you as an independent human who can love this universe however you please! This means I believe in radical gratitude and honesty. Radical, unrelenting, loving gratitude for the gifts that surround us in this beautiful reality. Then complete honesty to myself, first. Honesty about who I truly, deeply am, and what that means I'm capable of, Then honesty to all those around me.

I just created a pie chart showing what #tantra and #magick have in common and their differences. Almost every major thing in each was shared by the other. It was work to find their differences. I'm so #thankful to have found these incredible ways of life. Together they make me stronger, more courageous to go out and be who I want in this world. Finding my definition of my higher self in these paths has erupted my passions to go get it.

I want your passions to inspire you to reach your higher self. I want your definition of your higher self to inspire your passions! I want you to say "yes" to the present moment right here and transcend to your dreams. There is no limit to what you can dream of. Your highest self is only limited by your imagination.

INSPIRED ACTION: I want you to get creative in a visualization. First, find a calm place to yourself. Sit cross-legged with palms face up in receiving. Once in your meditative state, ask infinity to show you your highest self. Don't let your mind start interfering. Trust this picture. See how your highest self talks to others, reacts to emotional situations, makes space for infinity, and believes in themselves. Ask this higher self to join you now.

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