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I Can't Hear You!!!

In a reiki healing session the other day, I let out many big sighs, with audible sound! The healer said to me, "wow I love your breathing, that barely happens!". This should've made me very happy (I'm special!), but it just made me reflective. I keep seeing it: in workshops, from my friends, family, lovers. People are afraid to make noise! This is preposterous! That throat chakra of yours is not for show! I know what you're thinking, "Lona, I talk all the time!". Yes, but talking and making noise are two different things! One is communication through words. The other is animalistic expression.

From the very beginning of time, we were given something that the other animals in the world were not: complex vocal cords capable of making thousands of types of sounds. We mastered language, and communication like no other species on the planet (that we know of) had. We are so capable of expressing complex, abstract theories that we have become masters of our domain. Creating physics, psychology, biology, and theology. But as we moved away from our animalistic sounds and into our higher thought sounds, we lost touch with that animal nature. We lost touch with sound for the sake of sound.

But we are not purely human. We are animal, human, gods! The trifecta of perfection in us. So yes, we can talk, but don't substitute that for sound. You deserve to be here. I know this because you were born. That is the only reason you need. You deserve to take up physical, energetic, and audible space in this world! Stop thinking that you need to subdue yourself for the sake of others. If they care that you just sighed, then that is their problem to deal with (maybe send them this article). We have blocked our own throat chakra to save the mild discomfort of others.

What happens when the throat chakra is blocked? We tend to miscommunicate more. We tend to have more throat ailments. Thyroid issues. We find it difficult to fully express ourselves. This can cause anxiety and fear to take over. And this makes sense. Because not all communication happens in words. If you're not tapping into these sounds to help you communicate, then you are losing a whole subset of your communication.

I'm not saying go grunt at people in place of communication! Although, you do you boo. But what I am saying is to get in touch with those sounds again. Understand what they mean when you make them and try to incorporate them into your life. So, when you are working out allow sound to come out. See how that changes the workout. I find it allows me to go harder and deeper and stronger. If you get anxiety, try making grunts or yells. This allows the energy to dissipate instead of stay stuck in your body. If you are making love let natural sounds escape your body! I find when I hold a long deep note it intensifies the pleasure capacity I have.

Try to take note of when you're trying to suppress sound. Ask yourself why. Maybe it would be inappropriate to make a noise. Maybe you're in an important meeting with clients. But when it's all done, and you feel like you can, make that noise that wanted to come out! I remember someone calling me a "woot girl". I was proud of it. It's not something everyone has. But I'll yell "woot!" when I'm excited or celebrating or happy! Stop being afraid. This person liked that I was a "woot girl", if they didn't then they aren't my kind of person anyway.

Take this one thing away from this article: making noise makes things better. If you need help connecting with that throat chakra try the exercise below.

INSPIRED ACTION: Find a place you feel safe that no one can hear you. If you live with others or in an apartment, maybe go out into nature. There is somewhere that no one can hear you. Start by getting into a meditative head space however you normally do. Then start by making low grunty sounds. Grrrrrrrr. Ughhh. Let them last your whole exhale. If you feel silly, then good! It's working. Move up to higher sounds. Ahhhhh. Mmmmm. Shhhhhh. Let them last the whole exhale still. Now go higher. Ooooooo. Heeeee. Eeeeee. Allow the vibrations to resonate in your throat. Finally, make whatever fucking sounds you want! Be LOUD. If someone hears you so what?! What's the worst that can happen? Yell. Scream. Sob. This practice can help you connect with the sounds that truly want to come out of you. Keep it up until it feels more natural. Then start adding sounds to your everyday life.

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