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Magickal Defense: do not be afraid

Fear. Harm. Anger. If you are afraid of what these energies represent then it's not the fault of the energy. Because they are scary doesn't mean they are "bad". You know I don't believe in anything as dualistic as "bad". Some energies feed off these dualist feelings. That's not their fault. Let them be them. You be you. Find your center.

Nothing energetic can hurt a witch who is centered in themself. Energies will continue to come and go. Let them. Usually, we can find a way that we allowed this fear, or harm, or anger into our own lives willingly. If every word we say is an energy of it's own, then what energy have we been letting the universe multiply and send back to us? Think of the words you've spoken about yourself and others. Think of your actions, and how they directly affect your situation.

Like when Harry and Ron go to the yule ball with the twins, but mope about the whole time because they couldn't get better dates, then lose their dates. If they had centered in the present, they would have been able to enjoy their dates. (Ok I promised instagram only one HP reference!)

Explore the possibility of you being the center of your problems. Shadow work sounds scary, but it's really just expanding your awareness of your whole self, light and dark. It's only scary if you are afraid. Do not be afraid. Easier said than done, but worth a try either way. Try this the next time you feel afraid: laugh! Fake it at first. But let it out loud. If an energy is trying to feed off your fear, then laughter will disarm it. Letting fear hold you back from being honest with yourself will only hurt you.

Awareness is the best protection against unwanted energetic attacks.

I use the word attack here lightly. Most attacks are unintentional. The result of so many people saying spells, even though they don't know what a spell is. All your words are spells. Because you have to spell words. Get it? A little witch pun. Maybe you accidentally cut someone off on the highway. They might curse your name. I've done it myself! In that expenditure of emotion, I sent anger in their direction. An "energetic attack".

Most energetic attacks are of the unintentional variety. It's possible, but less likely, they know their own energetic power and are intentionally sending this energy to others. As a defense against either intentional or unintentional energy you should practice awareness to identify it, and you can also add this banishing spell to your repertoire.

INSPIRED ACTION: Get into your meditative state. Relax the body, keep the mind aware. If it feels right ask your guides to assist you. Picture a cube surrounding you, with the walls about 6 feet in every direction from you. On each of the sides of the cube I want you to draw a pentagram with your mind. A pentagram is a 5-pointed star surrounded by a circle. It is a deeply spiritual symbol to the occult. And it means protection. By surrounding yourself with these symbols you will exude protection. Any intentional or unintentional energy will struggle to get through. Then even if it does get through, you will be centered, so the energies will not affect you anyway. Awareness, and protection. That is the defense of a witch. Journal about what you feel after this. Then show up tomorrow and journal tomorrow. Find your center through journaling, yoga, meditation, whatever works for you!

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