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Make Space for the Goddess & Emperor

What does it mean to be a sovereign being? It means that you aren't giving away your power to anyone or anything else. It means you are fully embodied in your own truth. It means you take advice from others, but don't cater to their every whim. You are your own power. And when you step into your own sovereign power people can feel it. They are more attracted to your energy, they are more interested in your story, they want to invite you to their parties! The terms King and Queen are often used to describe your sovereign self, as they are the Royal Sovereigns of history. I, personally, think that these terms are a bit misleading and have some capitalist, misogynist, and patriarchal underpinnings. I prefer to think of my Divine Feminine Sovereign as the Goddess, and my Divine Masculine as the Emperor. Use whatever terms you like (god, royal, princess, etc) to describe yours. But no matter what you use, make space for it!

Each of us has the divine energy polarity in us. There are Feminine traits and Masculine traits. These have nothing to do with gender. They are just a way for us to describe the energies. I do dream of a new way to talk about these energies that people will understand and I'm putting it out into the universe to send me that transmission. But, alas, this is the language we have been given. And they do make sense in many ways if we generalize humans for just a moment. This world is built on polarity, and that keeps us moving. The push and pull of different energies are seen all around us! Just look at the tides, the orbit of the moon, the heat of the sun. These polarities are potent and divine and part of living life on this planet. Let's dive into the Feminine first.

The Goddess is the Earth, the moon, the oceans, the stars! It is creativity, intuition, fertility, relaxation, emotion, and just being! This divine power dynamic that runs this planet also plays out in your own body, mind, and spirit. It affects how you relate to others, how you work, how to rest, what you think. It is not black and white in the feminine, within the Divine Feminine there is another polarity: the Dark and Light Feminine.

The dark can be chaotic, destructive, and intense. The light can be healing, nurturing, vulnerable, and sensitive. Neither is good nor bad, they are neutral energies. I can be destructive and at the same time nurturing. I can be intense and vulnerable. In fact, I've found when I am the most intense, I am at my most vulnerable. This is my Goddess energy, and when I sit in my center of power I am a sovereign being.

The Emperor is the sun, the sky, fire, and air. It is assertive, disciplined, logical, analytical, and action oriented. We cannot always be in our Feminine energy, sometimes things need to get done, and fast! There is a beautiful balance that we can cultivate between the Goddess and the Emperor. That balanced polarity is what can give us our greatest power. Two ends pulling equally on each other, and us remaining centered in the middle. The Emperor takes risks that the Goddess is not willing to. It has confidence and objectivity.

The Masculine also has a light and dark side. The dark traits are like confidence, power, leadership, assertiveness. Whereas the light side is more in logic, problem solving, analysis, and cooperation. Again, neither is good or bad, but neutral. This is my Emperor energy, and when I sit in my center of power I am a sovereign being.

So, we must make space for both of these powerful energies to exists within us in balance. How do we do that? Well, you probably feel more drawn to one of these than the other just by the descriptions. Take note of that. In my teen years and twenties I was much more in my Masculine energy, and almost neglecting my Feminine. Knowing which you need to work on is a great first step. Usually, your biggest struggle is pointing you to which you need to work with more. If you're struggling with being seen and heard, maybe you need to start stepping into your Dark Masculine. If you're struggling with insomnia or anxiety, maybe the Light Feminine can help.

Sit with yourself and feel into your polarities. Learn more about them and intentionally go into their traits. Learning how to lean heavily into one is a great step in learning to balance them. How can you balance them without knowing each of them deeply? Meditate. Use affirmations for their traits. Take risks then take rest. Find Masculine and Feminine deities (like Shiva and Shakti) to learn from and embody. Take action when needed and nurture when called for. Heal your mother wound or father wound. Making space for the Goddess and the Emperor is about embodying their separate essence then learning how to balance them together. This is the path to feeling your Sovereign power.

INSPIRED ACTION: Journal about which traits you want to bring more into your life. Then write out some action steps that you can take to get there. Then write about some ways you can relax into the process. Infuse the process with Fem/Masc traits.

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