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Mission: Disengage (the mind)

The mind calls, and we answer. The mind walks, and we run. The mind says jump, and our feet have already left the ground. How do we escape the perpetual drag race of the mind? Disengage.

This is a practice. By learning what it feels like to disengage from a thought during a time of playful practice, we might be able to do it more easily when things are more serious.

It's the mind's job to think. This is a VERY important job, as it has kept us alive and kicking all our lives. It keeps us on schedule, gets our to do list done, and makes plans for the future. But, it has a dark side. The thinking doesn't stop. We can't just say "ok mind, now it's time to sleep, goodnight". The mind will go on thinking.

Let it.

You don't need to control the mind. There is no mind control in meditation. Controlling is an activity for the mind to do, so how can it control itself? We must flow with the mind; like a boat on a river. It's easiest to go with the flow.

INSPIRED ACTION: Can you add this practice to your meditation? Get into your meditative state by sitting in a comfortable position, palms face up, spine erect. We are going to play with engaging and disengaging the mind. Take three long bottom breaths by inhaling easily to fill you all the way down to your root chakra, then relaxing the exhale with a little sigh. Don't push the exhale, just let it fall out. Take your time getting to the next inhale. These lulls after the exhale relax your nervous system. Now, wait for a thought to come. Once a thought comes, I want you to engage with it. I want you to let the mind do it's thing, and follow the thought on through. Feel what it's like to engage with a thought. There will be a distinct feeling of moving into the thought. Take note. Now return to your meditative state with some bottom breaths. Wait for a thought. Now, I want you to practice disengaging, by not allowing yourself to surrender to the thought pattern. See the thought as a cloud and then focus on the sky. Don't force the thought anywhere, just let the thought continue on without you. Try it a couple times if you keep getting drawn in. Get to know the feeling of disengaging. It's distinct from engaging.

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