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Multiplicity and Do No Harm

Think about it like this: the universe is a vacuum, and inside the motor of that vacuum is infinity. Any energy that enters infinity is multiplied, then the vacuum sends it back to you. Infinity does not distinguish between duality (good/bad). It only gets energy, multiplies, and sends back. Yes, there are many ways that we can use this to our advantage! Gratitude, love, acceptance, joy, peace. But, careful, it works when you put the energy of hate, jealousy, fear, and lack into it, too.

This isn't a reason to be afraid of the infinite power of the universe! But a lesson to learn to use magick intentionally. Your thoughts become your words, become your actions, become your reality, become the energy you put out into the universe. This is a lesson to be mindful about what you are putting out.

This is the reason so many witches take the pledge to DO NOT HARM. Because a witch understands that any energy she puts out there, even for other people, will be sent back to her. A witch understands that wishing terrible things on others will only bring terrible things to herself. There are ways to hex other people in a safe way, but until you fully understand those principals, it will not go how you wish. And even if you do a hex physically correctly, if you mind is not in the right place, it will backfire.

The infinite power of the universe is a thing to marvel at, and respect. With respect, and honor for the power you can begin to see this magnetic power working in your life! Would you like to experience some of this for yourself? I incorporate these inspired actions into my work because I'm not interested in just explaining these phenomenon to you, I want you to experience them for yourself!

INSPIRED ACTION: In order to really feel this one, you'll need a few days, some great intention, and the ability to see patterns in your life. Ready?! So, you're going to play with the power of the multiplicity of the universe! I want you to get into a clear mindset. If you need to meditate, or take some breaths, then do so before you begin the intention. Choose a feeling you would like multiplied in your life. Maybe joy, peace, love, motivation, synchronicity. Start with gratitude. Thank the universe for some of your favorite things. Then say aloud what you would like multiplied, like this: "Thank you universe for the gift of intelligence and wisdom. I send love to all beings on the planet! For the good of all, harming none." Send the gift of what you want to receive. This is difficult for many. We assume there is a finite amount of this feeling in the world so we must grasp to it, and certainly not give it to others?! Let go of this lacking mindset and make space in your life for the infinite! Now watch. I recommend journaling on what happens in regard to that feeling you were trying to multiply each day. See how it changes and shifts over the next few days or even weeks. Gaining a practice to even NOTICE the things that are happening in your life is helpful to learning to flow in synch with the infinite.


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