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My Vision is Healing

30 days of Sananga later and I've had time to process what happened and I'm ready to share my results! My vision has healed almost 50% since starting my Sananga journey! I'll get into how I measure it later, but I'm so excited for how it's progressing! I truly had given up hope on recovering any of my lost vision, so this is cause for such huge celebration! Sananga found me at such an aligned time. I had accepted my fate, but I was still open to new possibilities. This is a sign to you to never know what's to come.

I want to start with incredible gratitude. Thank you my sweet Sananga, over these past 30 days we have found each other on a deeper level. I remained committed to this journey, and you showed up ready each day to help heal me. Thank you for your resilience, your time, your love, and your compassion. Each day I watched as you healed me in a different way. Sometimes drawing a spear through my eye. Sometimes dancing ecstatically. Sometimes looking deep into my eyes to coax out my vision. I am forever in your debt for this gift you've given me. I will do all I can to protect you. And also thank you to the tribes of the Amazon for cultivating this plant wisdom, processing it, and sharing it with the world. We need to do a better job protecting the wisdom of the Amazonian tribes. Thank You.

So, how did I track this impossible task? From my experience through Western medicine I had a grid they gave me to help me track it from the beginning. It's basically graph paper with equal square cells across the sheet. I just close my right eye and hold the paper about 12 inches away from my face, then trace where I can't see. I just add up the squares that are blocked and I get a number that represents my blind spot. In the first graph I had 154 tiles blocked out. In my final graph I had 83 tiles blocked. This is almost a 50% gain in vision!

But that's not all. I also feel that where the vision is blocked is now less solidly blocked. There are spots that come and go that I can see through even in the hardest center part. I also feel like I can see more shapes and colors faintly through the center part. The center portion of my vision was the most solidly gone. It feels lighter and brighter in that area now. I am also getting the same flashing and distortions that were there when I started to lose the vision, maybe a sign of the vision starting to return.

This is all cause for huge celebration!! Yet, when I called my partner to tell him the news I began to weep uncontrollably. He asked me if they were tears of happiness or sadness. They were both. Celebrating the new vision is a reminder of the lost vision. A reminder of all the pain (physical and emotional) that surrounded losing it. It's been almost 6 years since that first dark spot appeared in my vision. Six years of searching for answers, trying cutting-edge treatments, and ultimately losing hope for healing. And the journey isn't complete yet. You have to take a break from Sananga after 30 days for at least 30 days, and I'm prepared to do another round in the future.

Who knows how much thing can heal my vision. Only Sananga knows the answer to that. I must have faith, love, and understanding to continue this path towards vision. But the results weren't solely vision-based. My third eye opened so much during this journey as well. I can feel it vibrating gently most of the time now. When I tune into my third eye it's an almost ecstatic feeling. My whole energy body is also feeling amazing! Sananga has the ability to purify your energy. And my energy feels so refreshed. My energy work has been strong and delightful. It feels like I sink deeper into it and it lingers longer. Even if you don't need to heal your vision, I highly recommend Sananga!

I want to close with a final story about one of the most intense healing sessions I had with Sananga this past month. I began as I usually did, welcoming guides and the spirit of Sananga, setting intentions and getting into my body. I dropped the drops into the corners of my closed eyes, took a breath, and opened them to allow the medicine in. The pain was more intense than usual. I writhed and shook on the floor. I kept working to stay present and not retract from the pain. Then I saw a vision of the spirit of Sananga. She always appeared to me in a fierce feminine form. Then she layed down in my body so our faces were pointed the same direction, our eyes aligned perfectly, and she told me to look through her eyes. With my eyes still closed I relaxed my face and just saw through her. I could see with perfect vision. My body began to shake and then I relaxed into an almost ecstatic state. I had perfect vision, I was liberated, I was content. To me, this says that there is more hope and that I should continue this journey with Sananga. What would you do to recover your vision?

INSPIRED ACTION: Eyes always freaked me out. I can remember always being squeamish about eye things. I never wanted anything to touch or irritate them. This was my portal to new growth. Write about what your portal could be. What most freaks you out to lose or injure? Then imagine your worst fears coming true. What would you be willing to do to get it back? This could be your portal.

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