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Raising the Energy of Magick

Hunched over her cauldron she sprinkled in dried leaves, incense, and sage then watched them burn. Cleansing her space and self for her witch's circle. Once she was prepared she cast her circle, a symbol of her temple to the universe. She called the directions and evoked her spirits to aid in her divine journey. She anoints her space with protection and plunges her dagger into her chalice to embody the divine union of the priestess and priest. With these actions she has created the stew of the spell work to manifest. But any good stew needs a little heat to get it going. This is where raising the energy comes in!

You cannot cook a delicious meal without a little heat! Heat speeds up the process and helps everything mingle together more harmoniously. It cooks everything to a safe temperature, and most people enjoy it more when it's hot. Raising the energy of a spell does all these and more. It increases the energy signature of the spell by heating it up. This can help propel it into the belly of the universe, where it has the highest chance of being accepted and returned in the form of your desires. Imagine a balloon with very little air in it, how will it reach the clouds? But a balloon filled to the brim with air will easily make it up.

In this blog I want to explore the many ways that you can raise the energy of a spell in order to transmit it to the universe with more power. You can visualize the energy heating up. Literally imagining energy bursting out with the spell. You can forcefully or dramatically read the spell to add some energy to it. Burning things can literally increase the heat of the spell. Chanting or singing can work by raising the energy of your voice to support the spell. You can use instruments, like drums, to increase the auditory energy. You can also use energy work to influence the energy directly, calling in the energy of the Earth, sky, and elements.

But, probably my favorite form of raising the energy is dance! This incorporates the whole body into the spell! By moving you are literally creating heat in your body. You're using song to increase the volume around the spell. Maybe you're using your voice to chant and sing along with it. By including your entire body in the spell you are aligning your entire energy with the outcome. I believe dance is one of the greatest forms of raising the energy of the spell. (If you're interested in this one specifically I'm hosting an ecstatic dance to manifest your dreams on Friday May 19th in Bremerton!)

Another favorite of mine as a Tantric Witch is to raise the energy with sex. It has the same principles as using dance, in that you're using your entire body, your voice, and maybe sound to raise the energy. I believe it also has another advantage, energy! We naturally move energy around our bodies when we have sex or masturbate. You can do it intentionally as well to really bring in that energy. Sex is a divine union of self and other, so I believe it is also naturally sacred. It's important that if you are using another person you brief them on remaining neutral in their mind so they don't influence your spell. You also definitely don't need another person, self pleasure works even better in some ways because you aren't complicating it with another person! Raise the energy through your chakras as you experience pleasure. This is a potent tool for manifesting!

Whatever you choose, go into it with faith and love. And remember that a good stew is not very successful without a little heat! Find what works best for you in your life. Don't take my word for it. I've tried several methods and these are the two that resonate with me, but your journey is different. I do recommend trying several options and seeing which is most aligned for you! Don't be so serious about it either. Have fun, enjoy your time spent with the magick, and track your results. You might be surprised with what truly resonates with you!

INSPIRED ACTION: See how dancing affects you. Turn on your favorite music, and really dance with your whole body. Get privacy so you can just focus on the movement and not how it looks. Spend about 10 or 15 minutes really moving. When complete, turn off the music and stand totally still. Notice the sensations in your body. Does it feel like energy is moving and transforming? Or is it stagnant and heavy? This can tell you if dance would be useful in manifesting your dreams!

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