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Space Isn't Just For the Astronauts

Make space for infinity. Make space. Like literal space? Like metaphorical space? Like in outer space? I've talked about how to make space in your heart and mind for your higher self to enter. That's an incredible practice that can transform how you grow. But what about physical space? What can happen when I make physical space in my life for the universe to work her magick? Well... magick can happen!

You cannot deny that we are physical, 3-dimensional beings. We walk, talk, fart, breathe and dance through this physical plane. So, you can imagine that the physical aspect of your life also affects your highest self. Your highest self exists on the energetic plane, but is affected by the physical. They are interconnected. Humans are physical and energetic beings. You cannot separate the two.

Let's talk altars. An altar is a special, sacred place that you build in the physical world that can affect the energetic. It's a wish to the universe in 3D form. By making space in your physical world for altars, you are affecting the energetic world. This shows that they are interconnected. So, how can we use this knowledge to go deeper? By understanding that making space is an energetic AND physical endeavor.

Let's say you want to manifest a new relationship. You look around your life and there's no time in your schedule, there's no room in your apartment for someone else, and you've been neglecting your self care, so you don't feel confident in your body. These are 3 physical ways that are going to hinder your manifestation.

First, you need actual time in your life for a relationship. If you're so busy that you can't even find a couple hours a week to devote to finding a new relationship, then it's going to be really hard for the universe to bring you this. You can't get something for nothing when it comes to the physical. The universe can't invent new time for you to meet someone. You have to actually make space in your schedule to do this. Literally, schedule time to meet your manifestations. Take a couple hours a week to start a dating profile and start swiping, or go to places you meet others. Don't be concrete in your path either, allow things to come up naturally. If a friend suddenly calls and wants to go to a new rock climbing gym tonight, MAKE SPACE in your schedule to go. Even if you don't meet anyone there, you're showing the universe that you are making space in your schedule for things to happen.

Next, physically there may not be room for anyone in your life. If you have a tiny apartment, or it's full to the brim with stuff, then where is someone else going to be? You're not just looking for a one night stand, you're looking for a relationship. That means they will probably be around. Even if you do have a tiny apartment full of stuff, there's ways to make space. Imagine where someone else might keep a few things at your place and clear it out. Get a toothbrush holder that can hold two. Get a bigger bed if you can't fit two people in it! Making physical space even before you meet someone will tell the universe that you are ready and able to take what you ask for.

Finally, what if you don't feel confident in your body anymore? Then, no matter how much space you've made in your schedule or your home, you won't be ready to act when the time comes. Your physical body is a huge aspect of your physical world. Know that you don't have to be skinny, or hot, or pretty to get what you want. But how you feel about yourself will certainly affect how it manifests. Say, there's an opportunity to meet someone in a coffee shop. All you have to do it say hi. What will hold you back is your confidence. Do whatever you need to do to feel confident. It doesn't have to be losing weight and wearing makeup. For me, dance makes me feel confident. Eating healthy makes me feel confident. Meditation makes me feel confident. Make space in your life by having confidence in yourself again. This can open up the space that might be needed to go out and find the person you desire.

So, making space isn't just about energetic space. It's about physical space, too! By using both energetic and physical space techniques, you can manifest even stronger and faster.

INSPIRED ACTION: Think of the dreams, goals, and manifestations you have already put out this year. How can you make physical space in your life for these things to enter? Journal about where you can find this physical space and what you can do to move towards that space. Nothing new can grow in an overgrown garden. The real estate is already taken. How can you open the real estate needed?

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