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Tantra Talk: Drawing energy into your root

Sex work out! If you want to be a good runner, you train. If you want to be good at sex, you should consider training those muscles to support your journey! Strengthening the pelvic floor can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of sex, your capacity for pleasure, and your ability to circulate energy around your body. Think about it, if your arm got stronger you could throw a ball farther. If your pelvic floor gets toned (in any human), you can have stronger, longer, deeper orgasms. Oh, and you can draw energy up into your root chakra with these muscles, too!

The first step is to isolate the pelvic floor from everything else. In pussies, it starts at the back of the anus, then the perineum, around the labia and clitoris, and includes the vaginal canal. If you have a penis, it starts at the back of the anus, then includes the muscles around the perineum, along with part of the urethra, ending at the base of the balls. If you have something in between, include any of the above you have. No matter what you have, these are the same muscles you would contract if you tried to stop your pee mid-flow.

Try contracting all the muscles together, while simultaneously relaxing the rest of your body. The shoulders, jaw, abs, and butt like to clench along with these, so check to make sure you are relaxed. It's easiest to do these standing or sitting, but you'll learn to do them any which way. You can even isolate each individual muscle in the pelvic floor!

Attempt to hold the contraction for a few seconds, while still keeping the rest of your body relaxed. This is one PC squeeze, or pubococcygeous squeeze if you prefer the long hand. I do not. Can you do ten PC squeezes in a row? Slowly. Sex isn't a rush. You can even match your breath for a deeper feel. Inhaling and squeezing, holding for a bit, then exhaling and relaxing the PC.

Can you add a few rounds of these anywhere in your day? While driving, or eating, or waiting in line for things. Just start adding these when you get bored instead of pulling your phone out. Hell, you can even do these while you're scrolling Insta! No one can tell. It's totally natural. I'm doing them right now!

Hey, I thought this post was about drawing energy into your root chakra, or something!?

Great point! The PC squeeze is the pump action of the energy draw. Teaching these muscles how to be more sensitive, strong, and coordinated assist us in drawing energy into our root chakra. The root chakra is located right at the perineum, you're basically contracting your root chakra when you PC squeeze.

Imagine there is an overflowing pond of energy sitting below your root chakra. We are cut off from it because we must learn what to do with all that energy, first! Picture kids just running up the walls because they are connected constantly to a never ending flow of energy! It would be difficult. All we have to do is learn to tap back in to this infinite pond.

Picture a straw that fastens the root and the pond together. When you PC squeeze it's like you're sucking the energy up the straw. Inhale while you squeeze and visualize the energy drawing up into the root. Exhale and let go of the PC and visualize the energy overflowing out of the root and back down the straw into the pond.

INSPIRED ACTION: Try the visualization with the PC squeeze ten times, making sure to stay relaxed in the rest of the body, especially the abs. Let the abs breathe in and out with the breath. After you have some fun, journal about what it makes you feel. Do you feel a little more energized? Sexy? Does energy feel like it's circulating around your body? Do you want to strengthen these muscles and see what else could happen? Subscribe to the blog if you want to know what I'm talking about on here every week!


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