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Tantric Potion - Make Any Moment Tantric

Tantra is not some faraway concept that is unattainable or difficult. Tantra is accessible to everyone. Right here. Right now. And there's one easy recipe to make any moment tantric. And it's not a secret. All that's required is for you to open your mind to the possibilities of the present moment. Let go of the why. And penetrate deeply into this moment with this Tantric Potion.

Breath. The first ingredient in our potion is the breath. And I don't mean every day run of the mill, shallow, automatic breath. I mean intentional breath. Big, loud breath is what I want you to give me! Take a few moments to slow your breath down and inhale as deeply as possible. Then exhale slowly, slowly! Trying to take up as much time on the exhale as possible. You don't need to breathe this slowly the whole time but slowing down helps you to become conscious of your breathing. Once you are conscious of your full, loud, deep breaths you can speed them up, remembering to keep coming back to full, loud breaths.

Movement. The second ingredient is movement. Actually, physically moving the body. It doesn't have to be huge movement, but enough to put your mind in the body. If you're not connecting with the present moment and you're breathing, try moving more. Get more of the body involved. Your arms can move, your legs, your pelvis! These all have the power to deliver you to this potent present moment. When you're preoccupied moving your mind has less of a chance of taking over and distracting you.

Sound. The last ingredient, and maybe the most underutilized in our culture is sound! Your throat chakra wants you to let go, I promise. But making sound makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So, start small if you need to. Try audibly sighing on your exhale gently. Feel the vibrations going through your throat. Progressively add more sound on each exhale until you are giving a big, cozy vibration through your throat. Don't be afraid to take up audio space in this world. You have every right to be here and to make noise!

Potion Master. After practicing each ingredient separately, you can add them all together! Try the inspired action below for a little present moment dance experience. All of life boils down to one thing: the present moment. The past doesn't exist, the future hasn't happened. How deeply you can feel this present moment is how rich you can live your life. Take the potion! Live rich! It's free! You can drink this potion no matter what you're doing and live for the now. I find it incredibly powerful to use this potion in the morning to wake up, when I'm walking, when I'm dancing, when I'm having sex. The possibilities are endless. Just ask yourself if you want to feel the bliss of the present moment, and if you do... drink a little potion.

INSPIRED ACTION: Let's dance with some tantric potion! Do this alone to start so you can really let loose. But it's a joy to add with others. Put on your favorite music to dance to. Any kind. Start with the breath. Consciously breathe. Fill your stomach, then exhale all of it. Over and over. If you ever get lost, come back to the breath first. Now start dancing! It's not a club, there's no one to impress. Let your body move to the music however feels natural. Get your arms involved. Move your feet. Swing your hips. See how much of your body you can get involved. Keep breathing. Finally, add the sound. Let your exhales be nice long sighs. Get loud. Don't be afraid. Stop asking why. Relinquish control of your body and mind, just be there in the breath, movement, and sound. You can try a few minutes like this and it's fun, but I challenge you to go 30. There are secrets of the universe that I can't even explain with words that are revealed to you when you are recklessly living in the present moment. Enjoy.

Make Any Moment Tantric

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