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The #1 Way to Connect to the Universe

Whatever you call *all that is*, whether it be the universe, god, divinity, spirit, source, the oneness, this is the number one way I connect to it. Routine has been scientifically proven to help you reach any goal. What if your goal was divine connection? That was mine. So, I decided I would have to make some sacrifices to reach that goal. What I didn't realize was how incredible it would make me feel. I didn't see it wasn't even a sacrifice at all.

Who really loves mornings? Ok, me. It's true. The morning is my favorite time of day. It's fresh, and fun, and new. There's a promise in the air that you can do anything you want. I'm so excited to start my day. I have dreams and goals. And every book I read said that a quality morning routine would lead me to those goals. What a promise! I researched tons of ways to start my day that would help me reach my divine self. Here's what I found.

You need to do something to stimulate your body, your mind, and your spirit first thing. This primes your body, mind, and spirit to relax, and open up. It's a launching pad to leap off of to set up the rest of your day for whatever it is you want to accomplish. Literally, anything you want to do can be accomplished easier by priming the body, mind and spirit. I knew I wanted to connect more with the universe and myself. I also knew I wanted to focus and be sharp during my day. On top of that I wanted express unconditional love, and gratitude. All of these became easier when I started my day right.

I have found that this routine works for me. But you are your own person, so let it change and morph into whatever can serve you best. The structure should remain the same by doing something for the body first, then the mind, then the spirit. But if yoga doesn't speak to you and running does, then go for a 20-minute mindful run. If you haven't gotten into journaling yet, try talking to a loved one openly for 20 minutes. But come up with your unique way to connect to your body, then mind, then spirit.

These three beautiful ways have been such a gift to me, from me. I wake up each morning knowing exactly what I'm going to do. I don't need to stress about anything when I wake up. I just commit. I just show up. Then it all becomes so easy. My routine is as follows: 20-30 minutes of yoga. 20-30 minutes of meditation. At least 3 pages of journaling. Find what your magick morning looks like then give it a try. You can always change it as you go to fit yourself more. It shouldn't feel like a chore. If it does switch it up! Figure out your reason for committing to this practice, then hold that intention in your mind when you wake up. This should help you flow directly into your routine.

Remember, that where discipline meets surrender is flow. So, have the discipline to show up, surrender when you show up, and watch yourself flow.

INSPIRED ACTION: Can you add at least one thing for your body, mind, or spirit in your mornings? I believe in you. I hold you in unconditional love no matter what you choose.

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