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Through the Eyes of a Witch

You've probably met a witch, if you aren't already one yourself, and you might have thought that they just see the world different. Maybe they participate in the world in different ways. They definitely speak a little different sometimes! And it's all true! Because to become a witch you shift your perspective from "I am" to "we are". You see the universe as an experience, rather than a transaction, where you co-create with all that is. And that's a key change all witches go through.

When I first started practicing magick I definitely thought of it as something that I could use in order to get stuff for myself. But through the training to become a witch I slowly started seeing the interconnectedness of everything. I stopped wanting things for "me" and began wanting them for "us". As in, me and the universe. I thought that magick was a way to manipulate the universe. But I learned that I am not stronger than the universe. What a silly thing to think that I could overpower the power of the universe? No. I had to learn to co-create with her.

Magick is a merging of wills. My will and the will of the universe, together. I am not stronger than her and she is not stronger than me. We are equals on an atomic level. It's my awareness that I had to raise in order to see things from this perspective. We are all this strong, we have just forgotten how to use it. The process of becoming a witch is regaining that awareness of how the universe works, so that we may work as one.

The most beautiful thing is when you finally realize this. I no longer wished to manipulate the universe. I wanted to work with her, because I knew she knew so much more than I ever could. I became small. I became malleable. And this is the exact state that you can be of best service to the will of the universe.

Don't imagine you'll ever know more than the universe. So, trust the universe. Trust all that she is. Trust where she has led you. Trust the incredible power she has. Trust that she has your back. Trust that everything is exactly as it should be. You are the ocean in a drop. And a drop in the ocean. Surrender. Have discipline. Trust. Then you will flow with her divine beauty.

I have enjoyed this incredible process of becoming a witch, because I have truly learned the power within me, and the power that surrounds me. Nothing can stop me now. I know that I am never alone, because I have her. All I must do is take a breath, close my eyes, and listen. And I will learn everything I need to know.

INSPIRED ACTION: Close your eyes. Picture a beautiful waterfall cascading to a glistening blue pool in front of you. Feel the power of the water. This is the universe's power. You are like a leaf falling off the cliff. You have some power, but the majority of the power is held by the water. Feel what it would be like to unite your will with the will of the water. Together they could accomplish anything. Write about what you felt.

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A wonderful read! Thank you for sharing your story ♥️ magick is powerful, healing, and transformed my life for the better!

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Absolutely! The reason I loved reading this is because I felt like I was reading about my own experiences and transformation. Since introducing myself to Magick, I trust in the Universe more. I feel the interconnections of us all as One. I have been manifesting abundance in my life through the rituals and feel the positive effects of it. I found peace through chaos. It’s amazing. Reading about your transformation through magick makes my heart sing. I love it for you, and I love it for me! Yay us! 🥰🥰

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