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Trance is NOT Hypnosis

Where Tantra meets Magick is a special little love cave of glittery unicorns and fairy dust. I have made an extensive list of things that Tantra and Witchcraft have in common and one of the most interesting is the use of trance states in both. A trance state is a state that your consciousness is altered in. It usually helps you see things you wouldn't have been able to see before. Generally, it opens you up to view the world from a perspective that is less your own. It's what you go into in a successful Tantra workshop. And it's ideally what you go into when doing Magick. These altered states have powerful meanings and outcomes.

So, it's not scary at all, and it's not hypnosis. You are perfectly conscious the whole time. In fact, if you were off in la la land it wouldn't be a very successful trance state because you want to be aware the whole time. The point of the trance state is to open a door you might not have been able to open before. The trance allows your mind to relax for a bit. It allows you to be fully in your body. And when the relaxed mind is paired with the full feeling of the body, transformation can happen!

Why does Magick work better when you are in a trance? Because your questioning mind is at ease. This allows the will of the universe to flow through you without impediment. This allows the body to feel all that needs to be felt. It can unlock a lock that is keeping you from fully surrendering to the flow. A lot of times we might not even be conscious of what this lock even is. It doesn't matter. No need to ask why. The trance state allows you to see past it, and really embody the answers you seek.

Why do we get into a trance state in a Tantra workshop? Because it helps dissolve the barriers we have put up to hold us back from our own pleasure and bliss. We become more malleable when we are in a trance. More open to what the teacher has to say. More open to the exercises, and their lessons. But we remain aware. We are still making all our own choices. We are still present. It's just the wall that holds our subconscious back is thinning. It becomes more difficult for the mind to maintain control. These all lead us to connect with bliss easier.

Welcome the trance state if you are ready to experience more from life. If you are tired of the mind controlling the experience. All you have to do is allow it to happen. Surrender. Welcome. Come home to this feeling that the mind is not in control. The soul is what is truly in control. It just happens to live in a body with a mind.

INSPIRED ACTION: Try this! Sit comfortably upright. Put your two index fingers 6 inches in front of your face, about six inches apart, pointing up. Bring the left one about an inch from your left eye and say "Shiva". Then return it and bring your right finger about an inch from your right eye and say "Shakti". Go back and forth between the two turning your head slightly towards the finger coming closer. You can slow it down or speed it up. Go for 7 minutes. This is enough to bring about a trance state of relaxed awareness and feeling in the body. Journal how you feel.


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