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Where worlds collide: Tantra meets Magick

Our world is interconnected. We no longer have to lead completely separate lives from those across the planet. We can live fully in the moment with what comes to us naturally. Magick, then Tantra, came to me naturally. Initially, I thought I might have to choose between these paths. But as I dove further in I realized, like most things, they are more similar than different. And I'm fully capable under both ideologies, to practice the two.

But not only practice both, separately. I wanted to merge the two. Tantric Magick. Being the organized and logical Capricorn that I am, I made a pie chart to help me integrate the two into my life. I found it increasingly difficult to find ways that they differed! Almost all the ideological theories were in the same category.

I came to the conclusion that the deepest difference between Tantra and Magick is where the energy is coming from. In Tantra we use our own personal power, ignited in the root chakra, joined by the infinite universe's power, spread it to our bodies and then also channel it from our partner to go even deeper. In Magick, however, the energy comes from your personal power, as well as the earth, the sun, the stars, the animals, the plants, the crystals, basically from all around you. Tantra recognizes it comes from all around, too, but I would say is more focused on the cultivation of it in yourself and through your partner.

Going deeper into Tantra felt like going deeper into my personal power as a witch. It made me more powerful to explore Tantra, helped me go much deeper into the depths of my own personal power. I knew I couldn't be the only one to discover this magickal connection. Turns out, some other enterprising witches and tantrikas have also discovered this beautiful union.

Is our world getting so desperately separated that we are coming around the curve and back into ourselves? I have a feeling this is true. Sometimes, in politics, the left gets so far left, or the right gets so far right we see this overlap where they start to become similar again. For me, this realization was huge!

I was faced with a choice when I created this blog to really focus on what was most important to me. Tantra. Or Magick. So I went into myself. I asked my own personal power, who had been empowered by the workings of both Tantra and Magick, what it thought was right. I knew that my goal was truth through inspired action. Making space for people to discover it on their own. Inspiring others to fully embrace their higher self, no matter what it was! Duh. I had to do both. I couldn't preach from a single pulpit. I needed the two.

If you're just as excited to explore this union as I am, then subscribe to my blog here, and join the conversation on Instagram @makespaceforinfinity. Comment below if you have ever found two worlds that seemed totally different, but later you found out they were almost the same!

INSPIRED ACTION: Go within yourself. What choices has society given you that you were unhappy with? Can you find a third path, where you can have exactly what you want? Life is not a prix fix menu! You can design the solution you want!

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