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Why Community Matters

After returning from the desert and seeing what real, caring, gifting community feels like, I am drawn to explore the draw that both Tantra and Witchcraft have to community. As humans we crave and seek out community. In Tantra you see entire temples built around community. In Witchcraft you see covens. These are ways that we can engage with others who share our same path. Have you found your community yet?

Some of us find community easily. In my hometown in Delaware, there's tons of community. It's because community develops around shared experiences, shared ideas or shared values. In Delaware, most people are Christian, middle class, white, straight, and able bodied. This creates a general understanding between all people that unites them. They want nuclear families that go to Sunday mass together. But in their push for shared values, they push out those that don't belong... like me. So, I had to go searching for my own community. This was one of the driving factors of why I moved 3000 miles away. I was looking for that community.

I wouldn't have said it that way back then though. On a conscious level I don't think I knew I was looking for a group to share my values with. But this is a deep need for humans. We want to belong. And not just anywhere, we want to belong where we feel authentically ourselves. Somewhere we aren't pretending, and a place we can speak freely, and act truly. This is especially important in Tantra and Witchcraft.

In Tantra, we do a lot of strange things that are seen as improper in the default world. If every time you did loud moaning breathwork you were stared at funny and made to feel unwelcome, then you wouldn't be able to go very deep into Tantra. Being able to let loose and then talk about those experiences helps you go deeper into your practice. Being around people who support your journey and people you can speak openly about wild topics will fast track your expansion.

In Witchcraft, what we do is affected by those around us. If you're doing spell work and you're letting just anyone watch their emotions, thoughts, and judgements will all go into your spell, too. That's why many witches practice alone or only in covens. They want to protect their magick from outsiders who could affect them. Then there's the fact that it's just more fun to hang out with other witches. The ability to talk about energy and herbs and chalices with those who believe makes for such good conversation! These are the spaces I crave to be in.

So, don't get down on yourself if you're craving a community and you can't find it. It's ingrained in you to want to belong. It's healthy to find the spaces you do belong. People live longer, fuller lives when they are in communities. Your desire to find this is part of the journey of life. If you try to find a community, you will. Even if it's just on the internet. Even if it's only on the phone. These spaces will open your eyes to what is possible in true community, and I believe you will find what you seek.

INSPIRED ACTION: Seek community. Look around you. Find where people share your ideas, values, and experiences. Search online. Find new places to go. Talk to new people. This journey is yours for the taking. Go get it.

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