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Your Darkness Is Light

We have painted this picture that darkness has a quality that light does not. Yet, it is all just a matter of perspective. A candle is light, but in a large room it wouldn't be very bright. Does that make it darkness? Where darkness meets the light in that large room is where you should look for the answers. Somewhere in between we can find the purity.

Purity is innocence. Innocence to see the world without the programming that has been uploaded into us. Purity to accept all that surrounds us without the labels. So many dual labels. Light and dark. Good and bad. Man and nature. These seem to be different things but at their core, they are the same. They are two sides of the same coin. The coin is existence, and the sides are just ways to describe how it falls.

Among the light is dark. Among the dark is light. The purity is that they are just matters of light. Darkness is merely the absence of light. It is a spectrum. So, whether you are describing light or darkness, it is all a description of light. Darkness vanishes when confronted with light. There is not a struggle. They are not versus one another. They are one another.

The coin is light. You are just describing light when you describe darkness. Can you accept that it is all light? If you can accept this then you can see the purity. Society has gone on describing things as dark that they want you to fear, and light that they want you to emulate. But by emulating darkness you are also emulating a state of light. Let go of all these contrived terms!

There is no such thing as dark magick. Because there is no such thing as light magick. They are the same thing. We have just grouped some things we disagree with into a dark category. But they are still the same thing. They are still magick. We cannot separate magick from magick. If we separate them, it is only metaphorically. And what is the point of metaphorically separating things? In order to live in the now, you must stop using all the metaphors to describe what's around you. Be here now.

INSPIRED ACTION: Find a meditative position in the light. Close your eyes and ask yourself how you feel. How does your body feel? How does your mind feel? How does the room feel? Now turn the light off. Close your eyes. Ask the same questions. If you have noticed a difference dig into that. Why do you feel different? Is it something that was taught to you? Who taught that and why? Do some self inquiry into why you have this distinction. Can you go beyond that?

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