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3 Ways We Can Make Space For... Anything

My garage was a mess two days ago. A total and complete mess. My ex had just moved out of my house. I was storing some things for a friend. I had just been out of the country for two months. It got out of hand. So much so that every time I walked into the garage, I became stressed. I knew I needed to make some space for my sanity.

I finally set aside some time for maintenance. I knew I could not continue to pile things up in there if I was going to keep my mind straight. Because what would happen if I just kept throwing things in there? Things would get lost, there would be no structure, and eventually there wouldn't be any room for anything new. I was very close to this level. This is the essence of making space for infinity. Cleaning and clearing things out that no longer serve you, in order to make room for what will serve you.

We must empty before we can refill. You, like me, are surely full of things that no longer serve your purpose. From things we learned about our bodies in childhood, to never ending to-do lists, to whatever your ex made you believe about yourself. There is an endless number of things floating around your mind/body/spirit that could be stunting you from blossoming into the best version of yourself. Make space.

Here are some tried and true ways that can help you clear up space so you can actually integrate all the hard work you've been doing learning new things.

Truth Questioning. We have to take inventory of what we believe, so we know what needs to be thrown away and what is serving us. Let's take sex as an example. It's important to know what we actually believe about sex before we can start doing sexual healing. Get out your journal and start writing down things you believe about sex. Something that might come up is that sex is dirty or should be hidden. Ask yourself these questions about the statement. Where did you lean this? From whom did you learn it and what was their motive? When did you learn it? Why did you learn it? Do any other truths shape this belief? Have I questioned those beliefs? Why do people believe the opposite? This questioning could help uncover why you were taught this and show you why it's not serving your highest self. Many people were taught that sex is dirty from religion. Ask yourself what motives they had to get you to believe that. How can this shape other views you have, and how can other views you have shape this one? Throw out anything that isn't serving your highest self.

Clear out old beliefs. We can turn to Witchcraft for this one (I love using both Tantra teaching and Witchcraft teachings!). Once we've identified something that will no longer serve us, we must distance ourselves from this belief. Grab two candles, a piece of string, and some scissors. Place the candles about six inches from each other, then tie the string around both, so the string is taught between the two. You can optionally light some incense to clear the space energetically. Close your eyes and visualize the thought you want to clear take the form of the string. Or feel the thought enter the string (some people feel more than they visualize). Now light each candle, while visualizing (or feeling) your current self as the candle on the left, and the future you (who does not believe this belief anymore) as the candle on the right. For a few minutes hold these feelings or visions. Really feel or see what is happening. Once you are ready say, "This belief that (insert belief here) no longer serves me. I let go of all ties this belief has in my mind. I move forward with only what serves me. For the good of all, harming none, so mote it be". Then cut the string. Meditate for some minutes on the separation of this belief from your mind.

My Magick Morning. The way you start your day is important. The most successful people in the world all had morning routines to help get them in the mindset they needed to blossom. I believe in this fully. That's why I commit to starting my mornings to make my day magickal. It's a devotion to my body, mind, and spirit. I start with at least 20 minutes of yoga. Then at least 20 minutes of meditation. Then I journal at least 3 pages. This method loosens my body, relaxes my mind, and frees my spirit. Anything I endeavor to do after this is always easier, calmer, and more fun. Making space for what will serve me.

Try some of these ways to help you clear out the space you need to become your highest self. Love yourself during the whole process. It is probably not our fault that these misguided beliefs are taking up rent in our minds, but it is our job to correct these so we can truly live in the now.

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