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Anatomy of Pleasure in Pussies

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I wanna get explicit. Pleasure is not possible without an understanding of what you like, then communicating it to your partners! The problem is, all the anatomy classes I took were focused solely on the anatomy of reproduction. But I'm not doing any reproduction right now. That's a whole other thing! I'm aiming for pleasure. And anatomy for pleasure is different from anatomy for reproduction. Let's talk about a few in pussies! Don't worry, we'll cover dicks in the future!

First, however, this is just a jumping off point. Every body is built different, can have different parts, more parts, or less parts, and all of those things are totally normal. It is normal to have all the parts listed here in any order. Vagina's and dick's are like flowers; similar enough to the others, but each has their own unique charm. Cultivate the mindset that every person's genitals you see will be a novel, perfect flower, whether there's a dick, vagina, both, or anywhere in between.

So the clitoris (say it with me, clitoris), is a misunderstood organ. Luckily, the science has been spreading for a while on this one, so you may recognize the complete structure below. The glans of the clit is the little fun button you probably know, and love. It is packed with over 8000 nerves (more than the glans of the penis, and in fun size!). The majority of the shaft is hidden by the hood, but the whole shaft is usually pretty sensitive, too. Then, we move down to the crus area. These wings are also packed with feel good punch and are just behind the outer labia along with the bulbs. The bulb of vestibule (sexy name) swells with blood when aroused. In fact, the whole area swells. The aroused pussy will look quite different from its unaroused state. Different colors, smells, textures. It's all very exciting!

Pussies get erections, too! I can't believe it took science this long to admit that. Actually, I can, because women couldn't be scientists for so long! But I digress. Pussies get erections, too! (I just wanted to say it again) The clit gets hard. There is a lot that goes into this erection because it also includes ligaments attached to the uterus, the corpus cavernosum , and the clit itself. When aroused the clit stands up, and comes out of hiding from the hood. Some clits are already mostly out, some are completely hidden when unaroused. But one thing is for sure, ask the owner of each clit how they like it to be touched. Nothing about the anatomy will tell you how a specific vulva wants it.

Moving on, the vaginal canal is magnificent! It's actually like an accordion on the sides. It opens up it's folds when aroused, allowing for bigger things to comfortably enter, or not enter (always ask first!). One of the secrets of the canal, is that when it unfolds it uncovers some really special spots in the back. The anterior fornix, or A-spot, is only accessible if the vagina is fully aroused. The cervix needs to lift a little out of the way, and the canal needs to open it's accordion. These spots are just outside of where the cervix meets the vagina (see below). Some women have no problem feeling this particular pleasure. Many have never found it.

Let's talk g-spot. Does it exist? Or is it a magical unicorn? Yes, and yes. But it's not called the g-spot. It has a real scientific name, and it makes perfect sense... but it's also very magical! In many people with pussies, if they are lying on their back and you enter them, they will squeal in delight if you massage the top wall of the vagina. Why? If you see below, the urethra is the next structure up. The urethra needs to be protected during sex (ouch!). The body solved this with a spongey structure surrounding the urethra. The urethral sponge! Much less sexy than g-spot so I won't judge you if you stick with that term! This sponge is packed with nerves (yay!), so it feels amazing when massaged, rubbed, licked, or fucked!

The perineum is one of my favorite spots on my whole body! It is the skin that is between the vagina and anus. Underneath that skin is another spongey structure called the perineal sponge. This tissue is also erectile, and swells when aroused. It can be reached by massaging the back wall of the canal, the perineum itself, or through the anus. This spot isn't a well known as some others, but I say give it a try, because every erogenous zone could bring different, and often desirable sensations. It doesn't all have to be clit warping madness during sex!

Finally, the anus. The caboose. The old back door. And, like most doors, you can go both in and out. But, always ask first! The tissue of the opening is very sensitive, so you don't even have to go all the way inside to feel pleasure from here. Some people really like anal penetration, and some don't. It's really up to you. If you want to explore, the inside of the anus also has a huge pile of nerve endings. Use lots of lube, as the anus does not self-lubricate. Don't be afraid of lube! Even aroused pussies dry up, eventually.

INSPIRED ACTION: If you have a pussy of your own then grab a mirror! If you don't have a pussy but have consenting access to one, then ask if you can look for this exercise. If you don't have a pussy or consenting access then look at a picture of a real vulva online. I want you to draw the pussy, talk about the pussy, and label the pussy. Draw it imperfect. Draw it curiously. Draw it and think about where you get the most pleasure, and where you want to explore more. If you want, introduce your vulva drawing to someone special. Talk about the parts and how you like to be touched. Practice talking about what you like. You can see my drawing below.

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