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Bliss Is Your Birthright (and how to connect to it)

bliss is your birthright

I could feel it moving across my body, up my spine, and into my crown. I could feel it through my nipples. I could feel it pulsing in my pussy, like a little bliss pump, spreading bliss all over me. Bliss isn't some far off destination, or some impossible, complex feat. You are not broken, bliss is your birthright. Meaning that every single human on this planet has access to this pleasurable, loving, transformative state. If only you can remember how.

I believe that if you remove all that does not serve you, and only allow in what does, then your natural state will be bliss. We are bliss beings, according to Tantric teachings. Capable of immeasurable, unending bliss. The issue is that you were likely raised in a society that tried to change you, tried to get you to believe in something else. The conditioning in you, whether familial, societal, religious, or other is what's holding you back from experiencing the absolute joy of life. All the things they told you not to be and exactly what to be is clogging the pipes of you finding that bliss.

Bliss is a state of being. It's not a fleeting emotion, or some instant gratification. It's a way of living that is connected to the divine source of the universe. Some people call this god, or goddess, or source, or unity, or higher power. Whatever you call it, it's all the same thing. It's where the bliss originates. And you were given this human body as a divine gift from that universal being. And these bodies are capable of connecting with that bliss all day, every day. There's no moon cycle you have to wait for, no future destination that is required. No holiday, or partnership, or guru you have to meet. Because it already exists within you.

Picture this bliss as a golden lake beneath you. You are not touching it, but it is always there. It is there not matter if you're angry, or sad, or frustrated, or in pleasure, or joyful. It's there whether you're crying, or screaming, or moaning. It's there no matter what you do or how you do it. And this world has made you forget that it's there, so much so that you can't even see it anymore. But I believe that it is your birthright to access this lake of bliss, your right because of your mere birth into this body. This body is capable of connecting with that bliss, if only you weren't conditioned to forget it.

This conditioning is the only thing blocking you. It might be blocking you right now by saying "no, this isn't real, don't believe her, there's not lake beneath you". Or it could be much more subconscious, or energetic. You may have lost trust in yourself. You may still believe the power is within someone else to give to you. Or maybe there is an energetic block to you accessing this bliss, so you've tried a few times and given up. But I promise you that everyone can find it again, even if you've forgotten. These blocks could make you feel broken, but you're not broken.

So, what does bliss look like? How do you know you've allowed it in? Like I said, it's a state of being in connection with that golden lake of bliss. It's a choice you make to stay in it. You learn how to reconnect to it through getting rid of the conditioning, and then through embodiment and allowing. So much so that you live from that place of bliss. Bliss is a peaceful, open, and loving state. It can be ecstatically pleasurable at times; it can be calm and restful at times. You can experience every emotion from a state of bliss. Grief, shame, judgement, loss, anger. These can all be from a state of bliss. And not in a way that bypasses these emotions, but in a way that fully allows them to move through you, and to stay in bliss.

Blissful grief can look like this. Maybe your partner leaves you, and you wanted to stay. Instead of giving up on everything and moving into destruction, you can stay in bliss by choosing to live fully in this moment. Cry deeply and remain connected to bliss. Feel the loss and stay connected to bliss. Don't dull the full experience of the emotions with alcohol, or tv, or distraction. Feel it all. It's ok to be sad and still choose bliss. That doesn't mean you make yourself smile inauthentically, but it means you frown and cry in the most embodied and present way. Allowing the depth of this emotion to reach your core. And eventually, if you don't pull away from the grief, the bliss will weave its way through the grief as well. Remaining connected to the lake of bliss that is always available to you and not letting any emotion take you away from it. That is living in a blissful state.

And this is incredibly difficult sometimes. Life is difficult sometimes. Choosing to stay present with this difficulty goes against everything the world teaches you. Don't cry, it says. Cheer up. Watch this TikTok, and you'll feel better. Go find another partner. Gossip with your friends. Avoid the feelings and they'll go away, eventually. Choosing bliss is not the easier path, for sure. But the first time you experience blissful grief or blissful anger, you'll realize that the path is worth the effort 10-fold.

Here's a practice that could help you connect to the lake of bliss. Start by connecting to your root chakra, focusing all your attention at your root. And picture the golden lake of bliss beneath you. Then picture a straw reaching down to connect to the lake. All this is done through visualization or feeling. See the straw reach the lake and then by pulsing your pelvic floor gently, watch the golden bliss start to move up the straw. Drinking it into your root. Notice the sensations, the feelings, the essence of the bliss moving into your root. Then allow it to flow anywhere in your body it wants to. Enjoy this feeling. And if you couldn't feel anything then accepting that is where you are now and trying again tomorrow.

It could also be a block in your conditioning. If you want help finding, and removing these blocks then my coaching is perfect for you! Using Tantric and somatic practices I help you move into whole-life liberation and bliss. Available anywhere in the world via video chat. Check it out here:

INSPIRED ACTION: Try the practice and journal about how it made you feel. Especially noticing any blocks that arose, and rejection of the process, any fears that came through. These are the portals to learning to live in bliss.

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