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"Dark" Magick is a lie

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

If you haven't been listening to me this whole time, I put a rather large emphasis on the way we speak creating our reality. A lot of times I'm talking about duality. That if you want to transcend the duality of the mind then you'll have to learn to speak in a way that is non-dual. No other thing could be as obvious as this than the division of dark and light Magick. Let me explain.

By categorizing all Magick into two categories we are saying to the outside world that one is good, and one is evil. This could not be further from the truth. Just like the new moon is not evil because it is dark, dark Magick is not evil either. When I tell people I'm a witch, sometimes they respond with "you're not a dark/bad/evil witch, though?". To which I laugh and walk away... I wish. Unfortunately, I feel that I need to correct them and their mis-logic. To which, of course, they don't understand by the end of my rant anyway. So, I thought to myself, "Hey, I've got a blog for all these grievances". And here we are.

There is no such thing as a good witch or a bad witch. All Magick is neutral. Let's say I want to make something happen in my life and I conjure a spell that will bring me that big promotion I've been after. Then I get it! This is what I wanted, and I would still be considered a light/good witch for doing it. But from the perspective of the person who lost this promotion to me, they would most certainly call me a bad/dark witch if they knew I had used Magick to get what I wanted from them.

Also consider this. Let's say I want to get rid of my feelings of depression and anxiety in my life. In order to take away something in my life it works different in Magick. I use one set of directions to draw things to me, and one to take things away. A hex is a banishing spell. I want to banish my depression and anxiety. If I try to get rid of it using only "light" Magick techniques it probably won't work very well because light Magick draws things in to you and dark Magick repels them away. Let's say I do the hexing spell and it works and I no longer have depression and anxiety! Yay! I would still be considered a dark/evil/bad witch if people found out I used a hex.

Like most things you must learn to walk the middle path. This is even more true in Witchcraft. The dual terms of dark/light, good/evil were created by people who didn't understand what Magick is. They heard of a hex, and they freaked out by what it could do. But all it can do is repel things. On top of that, people don't understand that I can't really affect other people that much. I can send the energy of what I want their way, but at the end of the day they have free will. Maybe I made it harder or easier for them, but if they just keep their energy in check then it will have little to no effect. The reason Magick works best in your own life is because you open yourself up to the energy and let it work it's delight on you. You make yourself a magnet to your wishes by aligning with them. You cannot align someone else to your wishes.

On top of that, if you are susceptible to other people's energy then it won't really matter if someone hexes you or not. Your aura is your lifeline in the energy world. If your aura has holes, and energy-sucking cords, and destructive thoughtforms in it then you will be thrown around by anyone's energy, regardless of any hexes. Keeping your aura charged, cleared, and aligned with your intentions will stave off just about any harmful Magick that can come your way. Keep that in mind the next time you get scared of what witches can do.

Let's look at a final example of how this can create havoc in the world. Maybe you're interested in becoming a witch, but you see all this talk of dark and light and good and evil witches, so you think you'll become a good little light witch! You figure out what is considered light, and you only do those things. One day you are crafting a pentacle for a new spell you're excited about; you want to bring a new love into your life. You have been practicing a while and you know that you have leeway in creating your spells and have been trying some different things out. So, you decide that you'll draw the pentacle the opposite way. It's always felt better drawing it that way anyway, and you haven't read anything on how that could affect the Magick because you've restricted your research to only light Magick. However, drawing the pentacle the opposite way is exactly how to do dark Magick, and you've repelled love in your life for years.

Maybe you don't want to use hexes or blood Magick or any of the other dark Magick. That's fine, you are your own witch who can do as you please. But please still learn about dark Magick so that you know how to perform it or not. By ignoring half of Magick you are actually not a well-rounded witch, and you could unintentionally hurt your own spells through sheer lack of knowledge.

Separate the neutral energy of Magick from the tumultuous energy of intention. Yes, some people are using Magick with destructive intention. But that doesn't make the Magick good or bad. There will always be destructive people in the world, just like there will always be helpful people. If this scares you then also understand that there are destructive people in your workplace, religion, school, and family who can do far greater harm than Magick could. Then go do some aura cleansing and protecting. Because in Magick a good offense is a strong defense.

INSPIRED ACTION: This is just a plea for you to stop separating Magick into different boxes. It is one box labeled "Magick". You can do destructive things with light Magick and you can do incredibly helpful things with dark Magick. And if you're scared your aura isn't up to snuff then go read my blog about aura cleansing below!

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