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Food, Water, Air, Energy

All these things have something in common: you need them to survive. You're probably pretty familiar with needing the first three, but that last one is so subtle, you could miss it! But, just because you might not know about it or feel it, doesn't make it any less necessary. In fact, gaining knowledge and understanding could help you thrive.

Witches are well known for their use of energy. As are tantrikas. Energy sensitivity is essential in both practices. But, I think witches get a little deeper in their application of energy work. Using it for all sorts of things, from healing with the energy of the planet, to setting up energy defenses, to channeling it into animals and plants and crystals. Witches use energy for literally anything they can think of.

There is energy surrounding you right now. In your personal aura. This space is just for you. The energy moves through your chakras, helping you move through the world. Try to lift your arm over your head without using any energy. It can't be done. Even if someone else does it for you, they are using their energy. Muscles contract, blood flow changes, bones move. Lots of tiny thing happen just for you to move your hand.

If you are what you eat, then your energy field is also subject to what energy you put in. If you're unaware of your energy input then your energy is just pulling from what's around you. Say your job is in a place that has a very low vibration. This is typical of most work places. You're absorbing that level of energy just by being around it. If left to the unconscious, then you're at the whim of every energy field you come across. But, you can consciously choose the energy you allow into your field. (Check out my post on magickal defenses if you want to learn more about this!)

Gaining an understanding of energy and how it affects you, and how to use it will help you protect and grow your own energy. Energy can be affected with intention. Intention can range from words and feeling, to colors and symbols. In witchcraft you can program a specific symbol to have an intention, then every time you use that symbol it will naturally bring that intention. Colors are also very powerful. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then a color is worth at least a hundred!

INSPIRED ACTION: I want you to play with your intuition and color energy. Each color has many associations, but inside you they can differ from person to person. Get into a meditative state. Imagine a cloud a couple feet above you. This cloud is going to rain down on you a specific color rain energy. If the image of snow, or mist, or just sitting in a tank of that color works better for you go ahead and use that image. This is your mind, do what is right for you! Go through the rainbow of colors raining down on you one at a time. Red like crimson. Orange like the fruit. Yellow like the sun. Green like grass. Blue like the sky. Indigo like the clear midnight sky. Purple like royalty. Spend a few minutes letting these colors rain down on you. Take note of how they feel different and similar to each other. Journal about what each color energy felt like.

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