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Grounding Using the Earth's Alchemy

Alchemy is a physical process of melting metals with other metals to create new metals, like gold. Why the fuck are you talking about metal, Lona? Aha! You are listening. Well, that's the physical definition of alchemy. Energetic alchemy is the phenomenon we experience when we change one energy into another. Spiritual alchemy is another form of alchemy where you transmute yourself and attain enlightenment. Let's hop into energetic alchemy from the perspective of grounding.

Grounding is the process of moving energy out of the body that has built up. It doesn't matter what kind of energy it is, if you feel anxious, overwhelmed, jittery, or can't stop your mind this is a sign that too much energy is swirling through your body. Sometimes I get uncontrollable shaking in my hands, or a nauseous feeling in my gut, or I just can't sit still. These are all signs you should ground. But you shouldn't only use grounding when it's dire. Grounding quickly everyday can help you clear build ups before they happen and saturate your body with the energy you do want to stick around.

The alchemical process is simple enough. The Earth is a huge generator of power, and magnetism. At the Earth's core is molten rock churning constantly. We can connect with this energy even though it seems very far away. To start this process I want you to find a comfortable place to sit or stand, and close your eyes. Lying down is not ideal, especially while learning, because it's easier when our energies are all aligned: top of the head to the core of the Earth.

Get into your meditative state by taking some breaths, counting down, or whatever works for you. Focus your attention at your root chakra. This is located at your perineum. Basically, the lowest point of your abdomen. The color red is closely associated with the root. A great tip to remember for energetic work, is that energy flows where attention goes. So when you put your attention on your root chakra, energy will naturally flow there. There is no pushing or pulling energy around your body. Only moving attention. I like to paint a vivid picture in my mind of swirling red fog spinning clockwise from my perineum. Paint whatever picture comes naturally to you. This vivid picture helps you stay out of your thinking mind and focused.

You know those gigantic drills they use to drill into bedrock at construction sites? I like to picture that drill, but red, coming out of my root chakra and drilling deep, deep into the Earth. Keep vividly imagining this drill, remaining attached to your root, but extending all the way down into the Earth's core. You are now connected to the Earth's powerful alchemy process.

As you inhale deeply, imagine any energy that does not serve your higher self to be collected from your body and sent to your root chakra. As you exhale, focus your attention on moving that energy down the drill and into the Earth's core. Remember, we aren't pushing it, only putting our attention on the movement of it going down. Follow it down with your attention. When it hits the liquid hot magma, inhale deeply and tell the energy to alchemize into energy that will serve your higher self. The Earth takes care of the rest of the process. Our intention is all the Earth is looking for. Focus on that intention. As you exhale, follow this alchemized energy back up your drill hole, and back into your body. Repeat this process several times, or until you feel complete.

INSPIRED ACTION: Try this practice a couple days in a row, and take note how you might feel more aligned, calm, motivated, or transcendent. Try adding the practice as often as you can. Once you get the hang of it, you can quickly do this anywhere you need it!


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