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I Am A Goddess, And So Are You

Come into the power of the goddess. She is waiting inside of you. She has everything you need. She is you. If you connect with the term god better, then use that one. They are equals. Pillars of the enchanting archetypes.

An archetype is a stereotypical depiction of something. In both tantra and witchcraft the goddess archetype is used to convey a particular character within you. These symbols give our minds something to picture, something to embody. If I said, picture the depth of your personal power, you would come up with many many depictions. Some may be what I'm trying to convey to you. But if I say picture a goddess, then the vision is more succinct. The archetypes give us short cuts in speech to describe complex things.

The goddess is absolute bliss in herself. Caring, nurturing, loving. But also honored, respected, and worshipped. Do all these things to yourself, first, if you wish to embody the goddess and have others give you these. Care for yourself. Nurture your growth. Send love inward unconditionally. Honor your body. Respect your spirit. Worship your fucking self!

I have to admit, the goddess really spoke to me. Jumping into witchcraft had me quickly thinking about my inner goddess. It seems like my whole life I have been moving towards the goddess. In fact, one of the first times I realized the connection between tantra and magick was when I discovered the goddess archetype in tantra. I had been reading multiple books at the same time about these topics, and the goddess kept coming up. I knew it wasn't chance.

I didn't believe in chance anymore.

It was fate. The divine universe conspiring to bring me to this realization. I co-create with my goddess energy now. Embodying her more fully each day. Continuing to move in the direction of her. You can, too.

INSPIRED ACTION: I want you to take a goddess pose, hold it, then write about what you feel. In yoga, we enter into poses to embody certain feelings. Openness. Awareness. Healing. It works for the archetypes, too. Of course, there's the traditional goddess pose, which you should also try! But I get a lot of goddess feels from star pose, because the goddess is not afraid to take up space. Stand with your feet wider than hip width. Don't be afraid to get big. Toes pointed forward. Take a few breaths here, lifting your chest with each inhale, and pulling your shoulder blades down your back on the exhale. Say I am strong. Inhale, and send your arms out wide into a V over your head. Take. Up. Space. You are stretching in all four directions. Feel yourself pull away in space, yet your center remaining strong. Take deep, long inhales followed by longer exhales. Still your mind. Focus only on the goddess. Say I am powerful. Now write what you feel.

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