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Magick Guiding Light

A lighthouse is a perfect guide. It stays still, so you always know where it is, even when you move! In magick we travel mentally to other realms. And just like the ocean has lighthouses, these realms have guides, too. Sometimes called spirit guides, faeries, elementals, protectors, healers, or many other names, they help guide us. Every person has guides that appear to them in many forms. Are they real? What information can we get from them? Is it safe? And how do you contact them? We'll explore this misunderstood topic today in my 50th blog post!!!

First, are they real? Well, yes... and also, maybe, no...? When you close your eyes and hear a voice or see an image, is that you making it up, or is it another entity? When you remember the hermetic principle of the Law of Mentalism, we are all connected to and a part of one source. We appear to be different beings on this planet, but we are all one at the energetic level. So, yes, they are different entities speaking with us, but also all the different entities are one with source, so we are all the same. The best way to understand this is that it's possible that your lower self is speaking with your higher self through visuals, speech, and feelings. You want an answer to a question. Your highest self already knows the answer, but you need the answer in your lower state. You are speaking to yourself through the lens of completely separate entities. It's easier to get answers this way. Let the answers flow, and try not to focus so much on the mechanisms of the process.

Ok, so then what kind of information can I get from these guides? Anything really! Only limited by your imagination. You can make it easy and use a pendulum and get yes or no answers. Or you can get more complex and use clairvoyance and clairaudience to have full conversations with them. You can get to know individual entities on a deeper level and consult the same ones over and over, or you can consult new ones every time. Most people will find several that continually commune with them, then have a smattering of guests come in with different answers through time. Remember, that each is the universe speaking to you, so the messenger is less important. But you may still form a deep relationship with individual ones. Open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities.

Is it safe? All entities are a reflection of our own inner mind. If you fill your mind with terrifying thoughts, then try to contact your guides, they may appear scary. But their form is not as important. You can set intentions to only receive guidance from those in perfect love and perfect harmony. Scary or ill-meaning guides can exist, but if you have a consistent meditation practice, and perform protection magick then you'll be protected from all forms of harm intended to you. These entities can't really hurt you though. They may give harmful advice, or try to mislead you, but physically and spiritually you'll be safe. Before you make contact with any guides say this, "I ask my highest and best guidance to be present. I ask to vibrate in harmony with the highest and best guidance and understand all messages given to me". This should be plenty to protect you from anything without your highest intentions in mind. Nothing in the mental planes can hurt you. If you feel scared, return to your normal state of consciousness and do some grounding work. The feeling will pass.

How do we contact them? There are many ways, and really do whatever feels the most intuitive to you. We are each given different inherent abilities to see/hear/feel the answers to our questions. We can develop each type, but one will usually feel the easiest to begin. Start with some pendulum work. Get into a meditative state and call in your guides in perfect love and perfect harmony. Ask them what a "yes" means and what a "no" means. Sometimes a yes can be a clockwise motion and a no a counterclockwise one. Sometimes a yes is a circle and a no is a line. There isn't one ironclad way, so use your intuition and remain open. Then ask away. At the end, thank your guides and bid them farewell. Ground if needed.

Another way to get answers is through automatic writing. This opens up questions that are more complex and you can get much more detail. Come up with some questions before beginning, and grab some paper and pens. Then get into a meditative state and ask to make contact in perfect love and perfect trust. Then ask your first question. Allow anything to come out. Don't try to think about what's happening, just feel into it and allow. Sometimes you'll have no idea what you're writing until it's done, but sometimes the words will appear in your mind before you write them. Try to remain a neutral observer. Often words you rarely or never use will come up, or phrases you've never used will pop out. These are natural as it's another entity speaking not your usual chatter. Keep asking questions until you feel done. Then reread your answers. This skill is learned, so practice it several times to get the hang of it. It may feel awkward and forced at first, but just relax and allow the experience to unfold! Thank and release your guides then return to a normal state and ground, if needed.

Guides are helpful on your journey and you can use them to help you grow deeper into your craft. Remain open to the guidance and wisdom they have to offer, and you can learn all sorts of things that can help protect, heal, and transform you. You can find out about the past, the present, or the future. You only limitation is your imagination. Befriend many guides on your journey and you'll always have someone you trust to support your exploration.

INSPIRED ACTION: Try either the pendulum or the automatic writing exercise. Journal about what answers you got and how it felt to ask the universe those questions. Continue to practice this skill, you'll get better at understanding their meanings and connecting to the guides the more you practice.


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