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Sananga to Heal My Vision

Sananga. Some people are so afraid of the pain they won't even try it. Most people have probably never even heard of it. A tiny fraction of people would do it for 30 days. I guess that's me. Am I crazy? Maybe. Am I hopeful? Definitely. So, why would I do this crazy thing? To heal my vision and expand my energy and intuition. Let's start with what Sananga is.

It comes from the tribes of the Amazon. It is a liquid made from the root and bark of a sacred shrub. I first would like to offer my deepest gratitude to these tribes for cultivating it, saving the knowledge through generations, and sharing it with the world. I am deeply moved by their lineage and traditions with Sananga and hope to respect them on this journey. They have used Sananga for many reasons including better night vision for hunting. But, more deeply, they also use it for spiritual practices. The other benefits include: richer colors in vision, treats and prevents eye disorders (including blindness, which I was particularly interested in), antimicrobial antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and a deep cleansing of unwanted spiritual energies, plus many more! It can even treat astigmatism, migraines, detoxifying the body, and can open the third eye. And boy does it hurt!

It is most certainly not for the faint of heart. One drop in each eye will have a grown person writhing on the floor in intense pain. Sananga says you don't get something for nothing. She wants you to be serious about your intentions. If it was easy, everyone would do it! Experienced practitioners agree that the pain is part of the journey. It starts out at the height of the pain! Burning like you got a cup of citrus in your eye, but it keeps getting stronger every time you blink. About a minute in it's a bit more manageable, and about 3 minutes in you start to return to baseline. Luckily it's a pretty quick experience!

So, why am I doing this for 30 days? I haven't shared this information on here before. I don't know if it's because I don't think it's necessary for people to know about me, or if I'm scared of your pity, but there's something that has held this back. I am blind in my left eye. It's quite the story. When I was 28, a dark spot appeared in my vision. After getting escalated by 3 doctors I landed in a retinal tumor specialists office. And he confirmed my worst fears over 6 months of waiting for answers. I had a tumor growing behind my retina, and they were worried by how fast it was growing. Cancer at 28?! I was devastated. Typing this I'm realizing why I never shared it before. It brings up a lot of sad, anxious, and painful memories.

Western medicine couldn't help me. They tried an experimental treatment, where I got a shot directly in my eye (while totally awake) every 30 days for 6 months. I still struggle to think about needles near my eyes. Medical trauma is real, even when they are just trying to help. After Western medicine had nothing to offer me, through pure chance I met a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. I signed up immediately! I was subscribed to a very restrictive diet of no alcohol, no sugar, no fruit, no dairy, no carbs, and no processed grains and I drank a tea of special herbs twice a day. This went on for six months. I lost 40 pounds, and the tumor shrank. Thank the universe!

But this did nothing for my vision. Over 4 years I slowly lost the vision in my left eye. I'm crying now because it hurts to talk about this so much. This is truly the reason why I've never brought it up. Typical me thinking it's because I don't want your pity. My anger always covers up my sadness. Watching the vision slowly disappear was the most difficult part. You never knew when it was going to stop, and when it finally took over the center of my vision I gave up hope. You see, when the tumor formed it leaked fluid. That fluid detached my retina. But even healing the tumor won't reattach the retina.

Western medicine had done all it could do. Eastern medicine did a bit more, but still all it could do. So, I accepted my fate and promised myself I would live a life full of adventure. I still had one eye with perfect vision, and the brain does a miraculous thing when it loses vision in one eye, it compensates. Most of the time, with both my eyes open, I can barely tell a difference. Unless things are in about the left quarter of my vision I can see them very clearly. Night driving is the most difficult, but I still manage. And it's not like my left vision is all black. I can see colors and shapes around the center, but in the center I can't see anything. It's still not black in the center though, more like light gray. This is what I've settled into. Until I tried Kambo a few months ago.

I wrote a blog all about my Kambo journey, and Sananga is typically used prior to the Kambo as a preparation for the potent medicine. I didn't know anything about it and just said yes. I loved it, well as much as you can love a searing pain in your eye, and did more research on it after the session. I learned about its eye healing properties and was immediately intrigued. I tried it a second time with my friend and Kambo practitioner, Emily, and found out about a 30-day Sananga journey. A couple days later I got my own bottle. It sat in the fridge for a month before I could work up the courage to start it.

I wanted to be super clear for the journey, so I knew I needed to give up intoxicants for the duration. Weed being the hardest one. And I also needed to mentally prepare for the pain, and the potential healing. That all felt like it came to a head this past weekend, and two days ago I began. Sometimes in my life I just need to throw my hands up and say fuck it, let's do this shit!

So, in alignment with the full moon I begin my journey. I honestly have no idea if the medicine can help my particular eye condition, but it can help my astigmatism for sure! But, as much as it might seem this is physical, it's also very much energetic. I want to be taken away by Sananga. I want to open my third eye more, I want to detoxify my energy, and I want to lean more into my intuition. I'll write again at the end of the journey. I remain open to whatever will happen, and I am so fucking stoked! If you are feeling drawn to this medicine Emily and I are doing another collaboration of Tantra and Kambo, Hape, and Sananga on May 21st in Seattle!

INSPIRED ACTION: Did you think I was crazy at the beginning? After finding out my reasoning did you think I'm less crazy or more? Really feel into these emotions. Why do painful things scare most people? And what would you do to regain your vision?

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Oct 24, 2023

Hi, I'm researching the effects sananga has on blindness and astigmatism, and I would love to hear your experience of doing it for 30 days, and how it affected your eyes! :)

Feel free to contact me as well if you'd like to share about it but don't feel like making a whole post:

Lavender Malin

Thank you!


Sep 09, 2023

Curious how your vision is doing?

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