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Tantra Talk: Shake Shake Shake

*jaunty tune ensues* I can't say shake 3 times in a row without a sassy little tune coming into my mind. Then a silly shimmy overtakes my shoulders. Which falls down to my hips, and extends into my limbs. Quick little jazzes like that keep me focused, in tune with my body, and free up my mind.

The mind really likes to hang on. Like really really likes to be in charge. Have you found in meditation that the mind will just not let you have peace sometimes? This happens to me all the time! The mind keeps knocking, then barging in about some inconsequential fact, or some unrealized future, or some crappy past. Sometimes it's just about apples, and how they grow. Why mind!? Why? Let me get into this meditation please!

So sometimes, it can help if we do some physical shake down. Let the mind go on thinking, but as you shake your body, the mind shakes, too. Jostle it up a bit. Get it off it's course. Flip the train off it's tracks with your shaking. It doesn't take much. A little shimmy here, an arm up over the head there, legs gyrating, tummy melting in every direction. Let loose with the shakes, and it could help you clear your mind.

Before you start shaking, give yourself permission to be silly. There's nothing more sexy than a silly action, to me. If we aren't able to laugh during sex, then we really can't connect fully. Allow that silliness to come into your play. Welcome it so you can stop taking sex so seriously! Don't stifle something just because you perceive it won't be accepted. Shake on your own first, so you can get out all the silliness and start accepting it as part of the process.

Set the stage for you shakes. I like to do this alone because I really let myself go. If you desire find a place to yourself. Turn the lights down. Light some candles or incense. Then pick some songs. You want rhythmic songs with few lyrics so you can stay focused on the shaking. I like tend to prefer shamanic drumming music and folktronica. But make sure these songs resonate with you. If it's Lizzo, then let it be Lizzo. Just don't get distracted by the lyrics!

Aim for about 20 minutes. So pick maybe 4 or 5 songs. Don't get caught up in the time. This space is for you to explore yourself, and free up your mind, body and spirit. Then just shake. It's not a dance so don't try to make it look good. Allow the music to move your body. Picture the tune coming directly from your core. Let your core move first. Then let it flow out to the rest of your body. Shaking your arms and legs and feet and skull. Just be careful not to injure yourself.

INSPIRED ACTION: Give this shaking ritual a try. Then after your songs are over find a spot to sit down in meditation. Don't set a timer, but just see how your meditation feels after this shaking. Stay as long as you like, then go about your day. You may even feel a boost to the rest of your day after a good shake!

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