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The Mind of a Witch is Powerful

What if your mind worked for you? Or is it you who is the slave of your mind? Who is calling the shots? Before I began my journey in witchcraft, I thought I was my mind. But if I was my mind then who was in my body... who was in my soul? I learned how to become the master of my mind. Through mastering the mind and making it work for you, your manifestations will come faster and clearer, your visualizations and energy work will be stronger, and your spells will be more potent. So, what's it take to get into this mindset?


Learning how to do what you say you will do is key. I'll give you a little equation to demonstrate the power of this principle.

Discipline + Surrender = FLOW

Having the WILL to discipline yourself, then equally having the will to surrender will put you in the flow state. What is the flow state? I'm glad you asked! It's the state where things come easily and naturally to you. What is yours finds its way to you. Nothing is forced, life is effortless in this state. Your being attracts what it is. You are out of the mind and in the body fully. You are the observer.

This helps a witch in many ways because the mind can interfere with magick. Let's say I send out a manifestation into the universe, but I allow the mind to doubt the outcome. The doubt follows the manifestation. And since you manifest what you are, you will manifest more doubt and the message will never be read by the universe. Only the doubt. This will reinforce your doubt. You need surrender.

Conversely, let's say you never put in the work in meditation or in mindfulness to take back your power from the mind. You need discipline. So, each day goes by, and you keep putting off the work. Discipline is elusive to the lazy. But you want to do a spell, anyway. Hey, it's fun to do spells! What's the worst that can happen?... If you're not focusing on your spell while you cast and your mind wanders to something like, a new toothbrush you need, that energy enters the spell. So maybe you're trying to bring something into your life, now you may bring in more toothbrushes into your life unintentionally. You need discipline.

But you need both to flow into magick, and you can get both with willpower. Here are some ways that can help you find your will.

Willpower is not perfection. Let go of any goals, or ideas of being perfect. Willpower is resolving to show up every day that you can. If you miss a day, do not spend any time on making yourself feel bad. Use that energy, instead, to channel into how you will make it happen the next day. Then move on.

Set up a routine. Routines help us because we don't have to think about how we will complete something. If you resolve to do yoga in the morning, followed by meditation, followed by journaling, then when you wake up in the morning you don't have to expend any energy on how you will complete these things. It will become more natural, and easy over time.

Set your intention with the universe. I frequently talk about co-creating with the universe. I don't just mean that when it comes to things you want. The universe wants you to get into a flow state just as much as you do. It's rooting for you. So, harness that power! Do this simple ritual below, in the inspired action, to ask for the universe's help in guiding you towards your own willpower.

The difference between today and yesterday is your mindset. There is very little standing in the actual way of you and your dreams. The main thing that holds you back is your mindset. Choose today moving forward that you are different. I don't care if you've never kept with a routine or had discipline before. It doesn't matter because today is a new day, and you are exactly who you wish to be. Choose now to be the pivoting point in your life to go get your dreams.

Remember: Discipline + Surrender = FLOW

INSPIRED ACTION: Call in the universe's divine wisdom and power to help you on your path towards willpower. Grab an item that represents your desired discipline. A crystal, tarot card, or any item that to YOU represents the discipline you wish to attain. Now grab an item that represents your desired surrender. Finally grab an item that represents the flow state to you. This item can be a drawing that you've done and felt the flow state. It can be a picture of you when you are in a flow state. Or it can be a crystal or tarot card that represents these things. The more personal the items are to you, the better. Set these items in front of you and spend some minutes getting into a meditative state. Counting backwards from 12 helps. Whatever helps you get out of your mind and into your body. Now focus on the items. Send you focus into each item, consecrating each one to the meaning you wish it to have. To your vision of your future self. Don't force anything, where your focus goes your energy flows. Charge these items with their new purpose in helping you. Visualize or feel how you would feel if you became this version of yourself that you desire. What feelings would you have if you became the version of yourself that has this discipline, surrender, and flow. How does it feel to have the willpower to do this? Focus on this feeling. Focus on the meaning of the objects. When it feels complete, place these objects somewhere you will see them often, like your altar, your bedside table, your fireplace mantle. When you see these items let them be a reminder to you of your willpower, and that the universe has your back in this dream.


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