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Awaken Your Pattern in Numbers

When you're born there is a mathematical code in your DNA that determines exactly what you're going to look like, sound like, and think like. The screen you're looking at is built on mathematics and made of numbers. Your astrology is generated by the numbers in your birth chart. When you cook, there is a mathematical equation that will determine if you burn it or it comes out perfectly. The roof over your head will stay there because of numbers. The reason I decided on this topic for the blog today is because this is my 111 Instagram post! Numbers are basically the language of the universe. So, if everything in this world is based on numbers, why wouldn't your life be, too? Many witches are very into numbers because we understand that they represent the universe. So, jump into what's going on with all these numbers around you! (This celebrates my 111th Instagram post! Check out my Instagram if you haven't yet!)

What can we learn from the numbers? Well, there are ways to break down your birth date and time to show you who you were born to be. There are number patterns that can show up in your life that can show you where you're headed (which we will explore more in depth below). There are numbers in the stars that can show you where the planet is going. The moons cycle is based on numbers that can tell you what cycle the world is in. The numbers are a reflection of patterns in your life.

The world is built on patterns. It makes sense that you'll find patterns everywhere you look, and patterns are built on numbers. The pattern that the petals of a flower grow are built on numbers. The pattern that a shell grows in are built on numbers. Numbers determine the patterns of what surrounds us. Your life has a pattern to it, that's actually also determined by numbers. So, how do you notice, interpret, and change these patterns?

There are several aspects of numerology but I want to focus on a single one here. So, let's explore the patterns we see in numbers that keep showing up in our lives. These are repeating numbers that we keep seeing through our days.

Notice. It's easy to notice what you're looking for, but if you've never paid attention to any of the numbers around you then the first step is to start taking notice. This seems simple and it is. Just start to notice any patterns that come up. Maybe you looked at the clock and it was 1:54. Maybe you weighed yourself this morning and it's 175. Maybe you look at your car's mileage to see if it's time for an oil change and you see it's at 15052. In one day you've seen 4 5's. That's something to take notice of. You can also take note of different numbers occurring in different situations. Like at work, some numbers show up, but at home others do. These can have different meanings as well. Again, find patterns. Each number carries with it a certain message within the pattern of the universe.

Interpret. So, now that you've seen a repeating pattern of 5's (or whatever) what does it mean?! Try to intuitively guess what situation it's talking about based on what happened around the number. Did you just change your plans and now you're seeing 3's? Only when you're at your partners house do you see 7's? Can you not escape 1's when you're on vacation? When at school are you seeing many 2's? These situations could be hinting towards the meaning as well. Typically, the messages that are the strongest come in sets of 3. So maybe you look at the clock every day at 5:55. Or the license plate that just passed you is 125777. Or your grocery bill was $111. A single number could have meaning, but it will be more powerful when it's in a 3 set. You could also see a single number many times in a short period of time. Maybe you stop the microwave with 7 seconds left, then turn around to see the clock just turn to 1:07, then you glance at your phone and have 7 new notifications. This is another pattern style. See below for what each pattern could mean.

Number meanings:

0: Zero is the universe itself. The universal void. If you keep seeing zero, then you keep seeing the universe.

1: You are doing great! Some might say you are number one! It could mean leadership, or charisma, or independence.

2: Harmony. Balance. Look to your partnerships in love, or business and create harmony and balance.

3: Teamwork, generosity, hanging out. This is a sign to be with others, either personally or professionally.

4: Organization, understanding, coercion. This number means you can make things happen.

5: Freedom, travel, uncaged! When you keep seeing this number the pattern wants you to be free. Plan a trip or make a life change that will set you free.

6: Heart-based action. Be kind, caring, loving, and help others. Six wants us to be good stewards to our planet, our neighbors, and our lives.

7: Mind-based action. Analytical, logical, philosophical. Use your mind to think through something. But don't forget to come back to the heart.

8: Motivated, hard-working, action oriented. Get things done when you keep seeing this number. Could also be talking about finances.

9: Believe in humanity and the universe. Believe in the interconnectedness of everything. Believe in equality. Nine is asking you to be the best version of yourself.

Now you've noticed then interpreted the pattern that keeps showing up in your life. How do you change things? Well, only action can change things. Let's say you keep seeing the number 6. Everywhere you go for years it keeps showing up. Until you actually do what it wants you to do, you will keep seeing it. Maybe this week it was 6's, so you took some heart action, then next week you start seeing 1's. The 1's are showing you that you're doing great and to keep going. Keep in mind that if a message about a certain number comes intuitively to you (like 9 has a very special place in your heart) that these could also affect the message. Learning to become a witch is also about learning to trust your intuition.

INSPIRED ACTION: Start a numbers journal. If you're new to the numbers game, then it can get a little overwhelming to try and find patterns. So, get a pocket-sized notebook and start writing down every number you see. If you can, also take note of the circumstance surrounding it. At the end of the day go back through and try to identify any patterns. Ask a question, and see if the answer makes sense. Eventually, you'll get better at seeing these patterns that you won't need the journal anymore. Eventually, you'll probably get annoyed by how good the universe is at sending you these messages. Have fun with it. It's not as serious as it sounds.

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