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Initiation into Energy Work

Energy is not fixed. It's a dazzling spectrum of beauty that dances around your energetic field. Your field surrounds you, your aura. And in this aura is a key and a lock that connects the energy from around you to the energy within you. This lock is in your root chakra, your perineum, the space between your anus and genitals. I'm not afraid to talk about these places, all of you is welcome here. This key and lock are not secrets. The path is hidden, not forbidden. Are you ready to explore the secrets?

Let's start with the physiology, because I find it so diluted in most circles that talk about the chakra systems. People are afraid to talk about the genitals. This is a tragedy, because it creates an aversion in our minds to this place. Sometime that should not be named. But you wouldn't bat an eye talking about your intestines, or your stomach. They are the same things, just places on your body. Neither is better or worse than the other, just different. Different functions, shapes, and textures. But all a part of the body. So, from this day forth I want you to know that the root chakra is not at the "base of the spine" like so many people like to say, but at the perineum. This distinction is important for the next bits.

There is a well of energy beyond the perineum. Think of it as a lake. This energy is always available to you, if you just know how to turn the key. But first, what is energy? It's like air and water to us. We need it to survive. Imagine this. You just worked three doubles in a row. You're completely exhausted, haven't drank enough water, didn't eat since this morning, and just got home. You fall into bed immediately and couldn't imagine doing a single other thing. Then you smell smoke. You leap out of bed faster than a jackrabbit on prom night. You are totally awake, grab what you can and run out of your house. Where did you get this sudden energy? It surrounds you.

Energy is what helps run our bodies. It helps connect us to our power. That power is what got you out of bed. That power is what keeps you alive. You need it to survive. So, where does it come from? It comes from our own energetic field. Like a magnet it surrounds us and keeps us moving. It can also come from the Earth. The Earth has a huge energetic field that we can tap into at any time. It can even come from the sky, where cosmic energy swirls through the planet. Each energy slightly different in origin but essentially the same. This energy is the key to your root chakra lock.

Here's the secret combo to the lock! It's not a secret though, I want you to know, and I want you to share it! Because this is a big part of our lives on planet Earth as humans! This is our birthright! I want you to get into a light meditative state. Either count backwards. Take some deep breaths. Or do whatever you normally do to get lighter. I want you to trace your attention down your spine, following each step down. Send your attention to your root chakra. Your perineum. Your pelvic floor.

Your pelvic floor includes your anus, perineum, and genitals. There are 5 total muscles that make up this group no matter what your genitals are. Each can be squeezed separately or all together. At first, it's easier to do them all together, but as you get more agile you can isolate each muscle. I want you to squeeze the pelvic floor. Keep your attention on the root chakra and keep squeezing. As you squeeze, also release completely. This is just as important. These are the muscles you would squeeze if you were peeing and had to suddenly stop the stream. This is called your PC muscle, sometimes called Kegels for women. And just like any muscle group these can be strengthened over time! It might feel awkward at first, but keep going! Keep squeezing!

Once you get a feel for the squeezes, I want you to add some deep breaths. Squeeze and breathe together. It doesn't matter the order, whatever feels most natural. Allow yourself to make sound on the exhale. Fully relax into the release, and make sure to keep your abs, butt, jaw, and shoulders relaxed throughout the whole process. You can be sitting or standing or lying down. See what feels easiest to you. Everyone is different.

Finally, start to visualize energy sucking up a straw into your pelvic floor on the squeeze. If you're not a visualizer, then just feel what it would feel like to suck up this energy into your root. Once in your root, visualize it drawing up your center channel to the heart. Allow it to sit at the heart, then visualize it going back down to the root on the relaxation. Breath. Sound. Squeeze. Visualize/Feel. This is the combo to the lock. This is the secret. Do a few minutes of squeezes every day and watch how it grows. Watch how you begin to strengthen this area and become more sensitive to what's happening. Don't give up! Because there are such beautiful things that can happen once you start to explore this incredible energy mechanism we all have!

INSPIRED ACTION: Do this and journal about it for the next 7 days. Take note of what it feels like and how it changes over time. This is a practice that definitely gets better with time! So be patient with yourself, and just commit to exploring!

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